Side Quests: Teamwork Feat Quests

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Early in Act II, Daerred will open the doors of the Adventurer's Guild at Crossroad Keep (#1), which will allow you to go inside and learn teamwork feats.


There are 12 teamwork feats. They'll only cost you 1000 gp each, but you won't be able to learn them all. You'll only be able to learn one feat per three character levels, so even if you grind your way to level 30 in the campaign, you'll only be able to learn 10 of the 12 feats.

To gain a teamwork feat, you'll need to have at least four characters in your party. One of these characters must be your main character, but the other three can be any characters, including companions. That means you can "cheat" and juggle your party around for each feat.

The teamwork feats, their requirements, and their quests (if applicable) are listed below. The requirements are for character base values, meaning that you can't use spells, feats or equipment to meet them.


Leader Requirement: Listen 12 and Spot 12
Party Member Requirement: Listen 2 or Spot 2
Learned From: Juen

For this feat you'll need to travel to a House (#2) to the southwest of Crossroad Keep (#1) and play "hide-and-seek" (really, just seek) with three of Juen's halfling friends. To find the halflings, you'll just need to stand near them until they appear. This will require a certain amount of Spot (or Listen), but presumably you'll be able to complete the quest with a skill level of 12.

You'll find the halflings in the southwestern room, in the western room, and in the northern room. When you click on all three, you'll gain the Awareness feat plus 1100 xp.

Camp Routine

Leader Requirement: Survival 8
Party Member Requirement: Survival 1
Learned From: Maxil

Maxil will send you to a Destroyed Camp (#3) so that you can see "what happens when you act complacently or incompetently in the wilderness." When you click on the camp, you'll receive the Camp Routine feat and 700 xp.

Camp Routine, Improved

Leader Requirement: Survival 12
Party Member Requirement: Survival 2
Learned From: Maxil

Maxil will send you to a campfire in the Circle of the Mere (#4) and instruct you to rest there. When you do, you'll receive the Improved Camp Routine Feat and 1200 xp, but you'll also get attacked by a few ghostly druids.

Circle of Blades

Leader Requirement: Weapon Specialization (with any weapon) and BAB +6
Party Member Requirement: Sneak Attack +1d6 or Weapon Finesse
Learned From: Juen

Juen will tell you about a tricky necromancer living at the Illefarn Outpost (#5), and she'll send you to defeat him. The battle shouldn't be difficult at all, and when the necromancer dies you'll earn the Circle of Blades feat and 1000 xp.

Fearsome Roster

Leader Requirement: Intimidate 8
Party Member Requirement: Intimidate 1 or Charisma 13
Learned From: Daerred

Daerred will simply give you the feat when you pay him the fee. You won't receive any xp.

Fearsome Roster, Improved

Leader Requirement: Intimidate 12
Party Requirement: Intimidate 2 or Charisma 14
Learned From: Daerred

Daerred will simply give you the feat when you pay him the fee. You won't receive any xp.

Foe Hunting

Leader Requirement: Favored Enemy +4
Party Member Requirement: Survival 1 and BAB +4
Learned From: Candril

For this feat you'll need to travel to the Umber Hulk Cave (#6) and kill the four umber hulks that you'll find there. When the last one dies, you'll receive the Foe Hunting feat and 1300 xp.

Group Trance

Leader Requirement: Elf or Half-Elf
Party Member Requirement: Concentration 1
Learned From: Candril

For this feat you'll need to head over to an Elven Tower (#7) and meditate (which will just require you to click on the tower). When you do, you'll earn the Group Trance feat and 1000 xp.

Missile Volley

Leader Requirement: Weapon Specialization (with a ranged weapon)
Party Member Requirement: Point Blank Shot
Learned From: Candril

Candril will send you to a Keep (#8) where you'll have to defeat a "strange golem." The golem will retaliate (with 100 magical damage) each time you hit it with a melee attack, and so you should use ranged and spell attacks to kill it. When the golem dies, you'll earn the Missile Volley feat and 1000 xp.

Steadfast Resolve

Leader Requirement: Concentration 8 and Iron Will
Party Member Requirement: Base Will Save Bonus +2
Learned From: Maxil

Maxil will tell you about a red dragon with a "terrifying presence," and he'll ask you to kill it. You'll find the dragon in Sintalpandax's Lair (#9), located at the edge of the mountain to the north. Sintalpandax is roughly as difficult as the black dragons from Dragon Hunt, and when you kill him you'll earn the Steadfast Resolve feat, the Dragon Slayer feat (if you didn't have it already), and 1600 xp. You'll also find some minor loot on Sintalpandax's remains.

Superior Flank

Leader Requirement: Sneak Attack +4d6
Party Member Requirement: BAB +3
Learned From: Juen

For this feat, you'll need to head to a Graveyard (#10) and take on a group of five assassins "who have mastered the technique." The assassins shouldn't prove particularly difficult to kill, and when you finish them off you'll gain the Superior Flank feat plus 1100 xp.

Team Rush

Leader Requirement: Survival 8 and Toughness
Party Member Requirement: Survival 1
Learned From: Daerred

Daerred will tell you about an uncommonly quick goblin who has been attacking merchants near New Leaf. You'll find the goblin at the Goblin Camp (#11). When you kill him, you'll earn the Team Rush feat and 1300 xp.

1 - Crossroad Keep

2 - House

3 - Destroyed Camp

4 - Circle of the Mere

5 - Illefarn Outpost

6 - Umber Hulk Cave

7 - Elven Tower

8 - Keep

9 - Sintalpandax's Lair

10 - Graveyard

11 - Goblin Camp