Side Quest: Unaccounted For

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You'll receive this quest from Lastri Kassireh (in Liera's Trick in Samargol) once you've rescued her from the batiri.


Lastri will tell you that her second mate Nerul is still missing, and she'll ask you to look for him. She'll speculate that he might still be somewhere near the shipwreck, and she'll give you a Batiri Key to help you out.

You'll find Nerul in the cave near the ship (Exit A). The key will allow you to move the stone pylon out of the way so that you can get into the cave. Inside, you'll have to battle some batiri, including a batiri chieftain, but you'll find Nerul on the northern side (#3).

Note: The chieftain will drop a Jungle Headdress.

When you talk to Nerul, he'll agree to visit Lastri to let her know that he's okay, and he'll give you an amulet named the Sailor's Shelter. Then when you return to Lastri yourself, she'll reward you with 1000 xp, and she'll become available as a companion.

1 - Cargo Boxes

You can find cargo boxes in some of these locations, and perhaps others. You'll receive 1 ore from each box.

2 - Armor Pile

You'll find a Batiri Buckler in the armor pile.

3 - Second Mate Nerul

  1. Entrance to the batiri cave.
  2. World exit.