Side Quest: The Enraged Worgs

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You'll trigger this quest the first time that you battle enraged worgs on the overland map. You can also trigger the quest by heading directly to the Worg Cave.


When you run into a group of enraged worgs on the overland map, if you're skilled in survival or tracking, then you'll determine that the worgs' lair must be located on the western side of the forest (almost directly north of Crossroad Keep).

When you enter the Worg Cave, you'll have to battle numerous enraged worg pups and enraged worgs, and eventually you'll reach the enraged worg den mother (#2). When you kill her, you'll complete the quest and earn 1000 xp.

1 - Camp

In the camp you'll find a tattered scroll, which will promise vengeance against anybody who hurts the wolves in the cave. If you return to the camp after clearing out (and leaving) the cave, then you'll run into Tyburn the Mad and two umber hulks. Tyburn will automatically attack you, and when he dies, you'll find Chainmail +2, Malar's Claw, and Tyburn the Mad's Journal on his corpse.

2 - Den Mother

3 - Ulweth's Corpse

You might remember meeting Ulweth in the Phoenix Tail tavern at Crossroad Keep, and Ulweth promising to hunt down the worgs. Well, this is where you'll find his corpse, with a single Bolt of Piercing on it.

  1. World exit.