Quest: A Source Hunter's Journey
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You'll receive this quest at the start of the game.


This is the main quest for the entire game. If you're ever not sure about what you should be doing, then you can check this quest to see what to do next.

First off, you should explore Cyseal City. While you're doing this, you'll trigger a Star Stone -- either in the King Crab Inn or in Thelyron's House of Healing -- and it will teleport you to the Homestead, where you'll meet ZixZax the imp. Zixzax will reveal that the Void Maelstrom is approaching, and that it will consume everything, converting all of creation into nothingness. You'll also meet the Weaver of Time in the Homestead. She'll tell you that you're not included in her tapestry, but that your actions have given her new threads to work with. She'll ask you to track down more Star Stones.

After your conversation with the Weaver, when you talk to Zixzax again, he'll given you a runestone, which will unlock the rift travel menu in the interface, and he'll also give you a Teleporter Pyramid. There are two Teleporter Pyramids in the game, and you can use one to teleport to the other, making them useful when moving around the world and solving certain puzzles. After leaving the Homestead, if you use your Teleporter Pyramid, then you'll teleport to the bathroom in the Cyseal City town hall, where you'll meet the mayor's wife Cecilia and find the other Teleporter Pyramid.

Next up, you should continue to explore Cyseal City and investigate its problems -- primarily the murder of Councilman Jake and the sudden appearance of undead creatures in the area. These investigations are covered in the quests A Mysterious Murder and The Undead Scourge. During these quests, you'll learn about the Conduit and the Immaculates who follow her, plus the White Witch, and you'll decide to track down both of them.

Your investigations will take you to the Luculla Forest. The first thing you should do there is look for the White Witch. This is covered in the quest Find the Witch, which will require you to visit the faery realm of Hiberheim. Then when you get back to the Luculla Forest, you should concentrate on the Conduit and the Immaculates. This will take you through three quests: The Initiation, Infiltrating the Immaculates, and Investigating the Mines. During the quests in the Luculla Forest, you'll learn that the White Witch is named Icara and that the Conduit is named Leandra -- and that not only are the two women sisters, but they're soul-forged as well.

Next up, you should head to the Phantom Forest. You won't be able to visit the northern part of the forest right away -- a deadly poison gas will kill you if you try -- but you will be able to visit the village of Hunter's Edge, which you'll discover has been taken over by orc and human Immaculates. While you're in Hunter's Edge, you'll need to rescue the wizard Zandalor's servants and then find out where Zandalor has gone. These activities are covered in the quests The Hunt in Hunter's Edge and Follow the Wizard. During these quests you'll pick up the Phantom Protection Amulet, which will allow you to visit the rest of the forest.

In the northern part of the Phantom Forest, you'll need to do two things: complete the quest A Forge of Souls, which will give you a way to repair the damaged soul-forge between Icara and Leandra, and you'll need to rescue Shearah the Forest Spirit, who was captured by a demon. Rescuing Shearah (or working with the demon tormenting her) will give you a special rune that will allow you to enter the Source Temple. Inside the Source Temple, you'll finally meet Zandalor, and you'll learn that Leandra has nearly completed her plan of bringing the Void Maelstrom to the world. You'll also learn that Leandra can be found in the First Garden, which you'll now be able to access via a portal in the Homestead.

In the First Garden, you'll run into Leandra almost right away. If you repair her soul-forge, then she'll leave. Otherwise, you'll have to fight her. Then in the back of the garden, you'll have to fight the Trife, who had been helping Leandra, and the Void Dragon. Killing the Void Dragon will end the game.

Congratulations for completing Divinity: Original Sin!