Quest: The Witch at Home
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You'll trigger this quest at the end of the quest Find the Witch when Icara and Zixzax leave for the Homestead.


When you return to the Homestead, you'll find Icara (aka the White Witch) standing next to the Tapestry of Time. When you talk to her there, she'll tell you a lot about herself and her sister Leandra (aka the Conduit), and how they started down the path they're on now. In particular you'll learn:
  • That Icara and Leandra are both sourcerers, and that their parents were killed by Source Hunters.

  • That Icara and Leandra are soul-forged, and that while the connection once was strong, now it is much weaker, as if something has been draining it.

  • That Icara and Leandra loved the same man, and that his choosing of Icara is what caused Leandra to flee from her sister.
At the end of the conversation, Icara will ask you to do two things: look for a way to repair the soul-forge, and investigate just what Leandra is up to in the Luculla Mines. This will trigger the quests A Forge of Souls and Investigating the Mines.

Finishing your conversation with Icara will complete this quest. You won't earn a reward for it.