Location: Homestead

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The first time you trigger the release of a Blood Stone (most likely in Cyseal City when you talk to Evelyn in Master Therylon's back room, or when you enter the crime scene in the King Crab Inn), you'll get teleported to the Observatory in the Homestead (Exit K). When you arrive there, you'll meet Zixzax the imp historian, who will reveal to you that the Void Maelstrom is approaching, and that it will eventually consume all, leaving only nothingness in its wake. As you and Zixzax explore the Homestead, you'll also meet the Weaver of Time (#1), who will inform you that you're not included in her tapestry, and that your actions can change the future.

As you explore the game world, you'll sometimes discover other Blood Stones / Star Stones, which will activate new portals in the Homestead and give you new places that you can visit. These places are described below in the order that you'll unlock them.

Hall of Heroes (Exit B)

On this island you'll meet John Smythn (#3), who will sell you hirelings that you can use instead of companions. When you first arrive, you'll also meet Astarte there. She'll recognize you as "guardians," but then she'll leave and you won't learn anything more from her. Finally, if your Perception is high enough, then you can also spot Hanneman's Axe (in the bushes next to the dining table), which you might find useful early in the game.

The Hall of Heroes is where your companions will go if you dismiss them.

The Inner Chamber (Exit A)

The first time you enter the Inner Chamber, you'll meet a demon named the Trife. He'll call you "scurrilous sentinels," but like Astarte before him, he won't explain anything to you. He'll just say that he pities you before wandering off.

The Inner Chamber is where the living quarters for your main characters are located. Each residence will have a chest in it by the bed, and that's where items will go if you use the "send to Homestead" option on them (you should see this option when you right-click on an item). One of the residences will also have a mirror in it, which you can use to adjust the voice or appearance of a character.

Elemental Hall #1

When you reach the Homestead at this point, Zixzax will tell you about the goddess Astarte and how the source became tainted when she opened a certain box in her realm and released the Void Dragon. He'll then invite you to unlock one of the four elemental halls in the Homestead: the Hall of Frost (Exit C), the Hall of Wind (Exit D), the Hall of Stone (Exit E), or the Hall of Flames (Exit F). Eventually, you'll be able to unlock all four, so it's not wildly important which one you pick first.

Inside the hall of your choice, you'll meet an elemental shopkeeper who will sell you scrolls and skillbooks for the associated elemental skill, plus scrolls and skillbooks for one other skill. Air is paired with Expert Marksman, Earth is paired with Witchcraft, Fire is paired with Man-at-Arms, and Water is paired with Expert Marksman.

The Hall of Secrets

When you enter the Homestead this time, Zixzax will tell you that he has a theory about you -- that you have two souls, one that belongs to you, and one that is "infinitely great." Then when you enter the Hall of Secrets (Exit J), you'll meet Astarte again. This time she'll talk about your duty, and how you gave up "life and liberty" to "protect every last morsel of creation." Then she'll disappear again.

Inside the hall, you'll meet the Teller of Secrets (#4). She'll sell you some interesting (and expensive) things:
The secrets are all treasure maps like the ones you might have purchased from Gerome in Cyseal City. Buying the maps isn't necessary for detecting the secrets, but it makes it easier. The Teller of Secrets will restock (including adding a new tome and compendium) each time you gain a level.

Elemental Hall #2

You'll get to see a cutscene when you enter the Homestead this time, and you'll learn about a war against the Void Dragon, where "two great human warriors" led the forces of Order, and were afterwards "celebrated as the rulers of all." This will give you a chance to have your main characters talk to each other and choose between being Bold (initiative +1) or Cautious (sneaking +1). You'll then get to unlock a second elemental hall.

Hall of Darkness

This time when you arrive in the Homestead, Zixzax will warn you that the last portal that opened released several imps into the Homestead, which you'll notice for yourself because they'll start following you around. The new portal (Exit N) will take you to the Hall of Darkness, where you'll meet the demon Moloch (#5). Moloch will allow you to respec characters for 1000 gp each, and he'll also allow you to exchange talent points for ability points, ability points for attribute points, and attribute points for reputation points.

Elemental Hall #3

You'll get another cut scene when you return to the Homestead. This time you'll learn what you were the guardians of -- the godbox, where the Void Dragon was imprisoned. This will lead to a conversation between your main characters where you'll get to choose between being Altruistic (reputation +2) or Egotistical (bartering +1). You'll then get to unlock a third elemental hall.

The Armoury

When you return to the Homestead this time, Zixzax will warn you that the Trife might be more of a dangerous enemy than he seems, and he'll warn you to be careful. You'll then get to enter the Armoury (Exit L), where you'll find a forge, a whetstone wheel, an anvil, and more -- and also three purple locked chests (#6). If you're patient then you can wear the chests down using tenebrium weapons, but otherwise you'll only be able to open them by using Magical Unlock Scrolls. The chests are pretty good, so you might want to save before opening them so you can guarantee that you get something useful.

Trader's Emporium

Zixzax will be brimming with news this time when you return to the Homestead. He'll tell you that he's figured out what the Star Stones are -- specks of your guardian souls, which is why finding them revitalizes you and reconstructs a part of the Homestead. Your main characters will then get a chance to talk about this revelation, which will allow you to choose between being Forgiving (immunity to cursed) or Vindictive (hit chance +20% for attacks of opportunity).

You'll then be allowed to enter the portal for the Trader's Emporium (Exit M), where you'll meet the Mysterious Stranger (#7) again, and also an Interdimensional Trader (#8). The Stranger will, as always, ask you a question and then disappear. The trader will have a variety of equipment for sale, including possibly several legendary items.

Elemental Hall #4

Back in the Homestead, Zixzax will reveal that it was the Trife who tricked Astarte into opening the godbox and releasing the Void Dragon. This will give your main characters a chance to become more Forgiving (immunity to cursed) or Vindictive (hit chance +20% for attacks of opportunity). You'll then be allowed to open the final elemental hall.


This time when you return to the Homestead, Zixzax will give you a pep talk of sorts. Then you'll be allowed to enter the portal for the Chapel (Exit I), where you'll meet the Altar of Offerings (#9). The altar will sell you "huge" (that is, 100%) resistance potions.

First Garden

From this point on, you won't be able to unlock any more portals in the Homestead by triggering Blood Stones or Star Stones, but you will unlock one (Exit G) upon visiting the Source Temple in the Phantom Forest and completing the quest Follow the Wizard there. The First Garden is where you'll complete the game, so you should finish up any outstanding quests and possibly do some shopping before you take a trip there.

1 - Weaver of Time

2 - Last Chest

When you click on this chest, you'll learn that it has four sisters, each of whom hold a clue for how to open it. You'll find the sister chests (they're just ornate chests) hidden in each of the major map regions in the game. Inside each sister chest you'll find a Dusty Parchment, which will give you a clue for one of the digits in the Last Chest's combination.

The locations of the sister chests are listed below:
  1. You'll find the first chest in Cyseal City next to the Legion storehouse / kitchen. Its riddle is: "A full moon; a wedding ring; a wide eye. Which digit am I?" The answer is "0."

  2. You'll find the second chest in the Underground Passage in Luculla Forest North. Its riddle is: "The ostrich struts upon me legs, gazes through me eyes, flaps me wings, though it never flies. Which digit am I?" The answer is "2."

  3. You'll find the third chest in the forested part of Hiberheim. Its riddle is: "I am the widow's legs, her shining eyes. I am the seasons in her two-year life. Which digit am I?" The answer is "8."

  4. You'll find the final chest in Hunter's Edge in the Phantom Forest. Its riddle is: "By the unicorn's horn, by the cyclops' eye, I stand the last sentinel guarding Nothingness. Which digit am I?" The answer is "1."
Once you've collected all four Dusty Parchments, when you click on the Last Chest again, you'll be allowed to enter the combination. If you select 0, 2, 8 and 1, then the chest will open and you'll find an Ancient Tome of Body Mastery, a Compendium of Mortal Techniques, and 5-10 rare or legendary items.

3 - John Smythn

4 - Teller of Secrets

5 - Moloch

6 - Purple Locked Chests

7 - Mysterious Stranger

8 - Interdimensional Trader

9 - Altar of Offerings

  1. Portal to the Inner Chamber.
  2. Portal to the Hall of Heroes.
  3. Portal to the Hall of Frost.
  4. Portal to the Hall of Wind
  5. Portal to the Hall of Stone.
  6. Portal to the Hall of Flames.
  7. Portal to the First Garden.
  8. Defunct portal. This portal will never activate, no matter how many Blood Stones you find.
  9. Portal to the Chapel.
  10. Portal to the Hall of Secrets.
  11. Portal to the Observatory.
  12. Portal to the Armoury.
  13. Portal to the Trader's Emporium.
  14. Portal to the Hall of Darkness.