Location: Cyseal

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You'll begin the game in Cyseal South. As you make your way along the beach, you'll encounter a trio of robed figures outside the Cyseal Temple. One of the figures will summon some skeletons to attack you, and then the trio will run off. After defeating the skeletons, you should explore the temple, since it's the tutorial area for the game. And even if you don't need a tutorial, it's still a good idea to visit the temple because inside it you'll find some gear and easy battles.

Past the temple you'll eventually come to Cyseal City, the main city in the game. You should complete as many quests as possible and explore as much as possible while you're in the city so you can reach Level 4 before leaving again. It's a good idea to gain some levels because in most of the fights outside the city, you'll be outnumbered by enemies who are at least Level 4.

When exploring outside Cyseal City, you should tackle regions in roughly this order: Cyseal West, Cyseal South (including the Black Cove), Cyseal North, and then Cyseal East. You'll face at least one boss creature in each region. If you can't kill it (or some other enemy in the region), then feel free to move around and look for easier battles. There are enough battles that you should be able to make headway somewhere.