Location: Cyseal South

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1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll start out in the game.

2 - Corpse

At this spot on the beach you'll discover a corpse. It will have a Traveler's Journal on it. Reading the journal will earn you 300 xp and trigger the quest The Talking Statues. After learning about the quest, you'll be able to start a conversation between your main characters where you'll get to choose between being Pragmatic (crafting +1) or Romantic (lucky charm +1).

Near the corpse you'll find a Rain Scroll.

3 - Encounter

When you reach this spot, you'll run into some robed figures as they exit from the nearby Temple (Exit A). They'll mention something about a "stone" before noticing you. Then they'll summon some skeletons to attack you and flee.

4 - Ishmashell

Ishmashell will give you the quest A Shell on the Beach. Reaching the "island" with Ishmashell will earn you some exploration xp.

5 - Bridge

You'll meet the drunk guards Bibius and Junius here. Your conversation with them will trigger the quest "Guards at the Bridge." The guards will insist upon escorting you to "the wizard" in the harbor (#7). This will give you a choice between being Independent (willpower +1) or Obedient (willpower bonus from leadership).

If you agree to go with the guards, then you'll earn 900 xp and they'll begin following you -- but only until they spot trouble (#6), at which point they'll flee back to the bridge. If you refuse to go with the guards, then they'll attack you, and you'll earn 1080 xp. Fighting the guards will give you a chance to start a conversation between your main characters where you'll get to choose between being Compassionate (critical hit chance +3%) or Heartless (hit chance +20% when backstabbing).

Note: As a general rule, you'll always get more xp for fighting than for using diplomacy.

Another Note: This is one of three places in the game where you'll have to remember what you decided -- what each of your characters wanted to do, plus the result -- later in the game. So be sure to take notes if necessary.

6 - Battle

You'll stumble upon a battle between orcs and legionnaires here, which will trigger the quest "Orc Fight on the Beach." You'll get xp for each kill whether you help out or not, so feel free to let the legionnaires do the bulk of the work.

7 - Harbor Gate

The first time you approach this gate, you'll encounter the wizard Arhu, who will update your quests A Source Hunter's Journey and A Mysterious Murder. You'll receive 100 xp at the end of the conversation, and Arhu will head off to his residence in Cyseal City.

8 - Warehouse

Inside this warehouse you'll meet Sergeant Curtius along with two patrolling guards named Florius and Horatius. There are also two storage rooms, one locked and one unlocked. The unlocked storage room is easy to sneak into. Just wait until all of the guards are on the other side of the warehouse.

The locked storage room is more complicated because it has a glowing purple lock, and locks of that sort can't be picked. They can only be opened using a key or a Magical Unlock Scroll. But the storage room doesn't have a key, and Magical Unlock Scrolls are rare and better used elsewhere.

So to get into the locked storage room, you'll have to convince Sergeant Curtius to open up the door for you. For the proper dialogue option to appear, you'll have to try and open the door while he's watching. This will allow you to ask, "What are you doing here?" which will lead to a rock-paper-scissors mini-game. If you win the game then Curtius will admit you into the storage room, but if you lose then he and the patrolling guards will attack you (and you'll probably need to load your game).

Inside the locked storage room, you'll earn exploration xp, and you'll find some level 5-7 weapons plus some other odds and ends. Just be sure to close the door after you've entered the room so you can steal everything not nailed down without Curtius spotting you.

Note: You can stir up a fight between Florius and Horatius (by talking to Horatius and then telling Florius about the "Loose Lips McGee" comment), which will cause Curtius to leave his post by the storage room door. Probably there's supposed to be a key for the door in the game, and moving Curtius would allow you to sneak in. But since there isn't a key, the fight won't help you any.

9 - Courtyard

In this courtyard you'll meet Marius and Ninnius. They'll give you the quest Charmed, I'm Sure.

10 - Burning Ship

When you approach the docks, you'll discover that the orcs have set a ship on fire. This will trigger the quest "Fire! Fire! Fire!" If you have a Rain Scroll (available at #2) or the Rain spell itself, then you'll just need to cast it on the ship to save it. If you do this in time, then you'll earn 900 xp and +1 reputation.

11 - Chest

You'll notice a chest here, but it'll be blocked off by a rope, and you won't be able to reach it. To get to the chest, you'll need to cast the Teleport or Featherfall spell, or you'll need to use your Teleporter Pyramids (which you'll acquire while exploring Cyseal City). Inside the chest you'll find a pair of random lower-level items.

12 - Sailors

At this spot on the docks, you'll meet three sailors who will give you the quest The Shipless Sailors.

13 - Conrad

You'll meet the merchant captain Conrad here. He'll have a little bit of everything for sale.

14 - Chest / Hatch

As you climb the path leading up to Cyseal City (Exit C), you'll spot a chest to the east that you can't reach. The only way to reach the chest is to go through the hatch right next to it, which is an exit from the Cyseal Tunnels.

15 - Mysterious Stranger

The mysterious stranger will ask you why you've come to Cyseal, and after you've given him an answer, he'll disappear. You'll meet the stranger again, but his questions won't lead to anything.

16 - Broggnar

At this spot you'll meet a crying orc named Broggnar. Talking to him will trigger the quest "The Grieving Orc." Broggnar will tell you that he had to bury his brother Oggie nearby with the best armor he could find. This will give you a choice between being Spiritual (immunity to fear) or Materialistic (loremaster +1). If you choose to look for the grave, then you'll have to beat Broggnar in a rock-paper-scissors mini-game to convince him to show you where it is. This will earn you 645 charisma xp plus an additional 180 xp when you reach the site of the grave (just to the west). Broggnar will sit right next to the grave, but you'll need somewhere around 10 Perception to spot it. Inside the grave you'll find a Metal Orc Helmet and Orc Body Armor, but Broggnar won't appreciate you digging up his brother, and he'll attack you. You'll earn 900 xp for defeating Broggnar. If you choose not to look for the grave, then you'll just earn 300 xp.

Note: If you can't spot Oggie's grave, then you can always stand in the right place (on the rough patch of dirt behind Broggnar) and use your Shovel.

Another Note: Broggnar will also mention that most orc graves are marked with a totem. You'll find a few totems on the beach, and their graves are much easier to spot than Oggie's. Just be careful -- Broggnar will attack you for looting any grave, not just Oggie's, so make sure he can't see you if you decide to go plundering.

17 - Grulbarg the Fearsome

At this spot you'll encounter Grulbarg the Fearsome (Level 7) and five other orcs (Level 6). Grulbarg will drop some good random loot when he dies, and you'll also find an Invisibility Skillbook and two treasure chests in the area.

  1. Entrance to the Cyseal Temple. The temple is the tutorial area for the game.
  2. Exit from the Cyseal Temple.
  3. Path to Cyseal City.
  4. Entrance to the Black Cove.
  5. Waypoint portal.