Location: Hiberheim Castle

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1 - Locked Cell

When you sneak into the prison via the maintenance tunnel (Exit C), you'll start out in this locked cell. A rat in the hallway will offer to let you out if you give him Cheese, but he's lying, so don't give him anything. There are three ways to exit the cell: you can bash down the door, you can teleport through the door, or you can detect the hole in the cell, which will take you to the unlocked cell next door.

2 - Iron Maiden

If you talk to the odd iron maiden here, then you'll learn that her head was carved from a Star Stone, and that the blood from her victims has turned it into a Blood Stone. To retrieve the Blood Stone for yourself, you'll need to force-attack the iron maiden and destroy her.

3 - Dhruin's Cell

You'll meet Dhruin in this cell. His character was created for a backer of the game. He isn't involved in any quests.

4 - Watchful Sentinels

You'll find four invulnerable Watchful Sentinels in this room. If any of them spot you, then they'll turn on the lava vent in the center of the room, which will flood the room with lava and probably kill you. To make it through the room, you'll have some options. The sentinels can't see the center of the room, and the lava vent there can be disarmed, so if you can sneak or teleport your thief character to the vent, then you can have him disarm it, allowing you to waltz through the room. You can also have a character sneak past the sentinels and unlock the Waypoint Portal (Exit W) to the south, which will allow you to skip the room.

5 - Watchful Sentinel and Chests

You'll discover a Watchful Sentinel guarding two chests here. The sentinel will look at one chest for a few seconds, then look at the other chest for a few seconds, and then repeat. If it spots you, then it will turn on two lava traps next to the chests and probably kill you. To loot the chests, you'll just need to sneak over to the one that isn't being watched, and then repeat for the other one. You can also disarm the lava vents if you want.

6 - White Witch

When you reach the White Witch, you'll discover that she's encased in a large ice crystal. Unlike the imprisoning ice crystals in Hiberheim, you won't be able to attack or damage this one. You'll end up freeing the witch at the end of the quest Find the Witch.

7 - King Boreas

When you get close enough to Boreas, he'll start talking to you, but no matter how you respond, you'll have to fight him. Boreas has high elemental resistances, so most spell attacks will heal him rather than harm him. The lone exception to this is poison damage. Debilitating spells like Shocking Touch can also work. But for the most part, you'll have to rely on your physical damage dealers to wear him down.

Boreas won't do a lot of damage during his turn, but every so often he'll call on the power of one of the elements, which will cover the ground in that element and also summon an elemental and two elemental fragments to help him out. The adds won't have the same resistances as Boreas, so they should be easy to kill, but it's best to focus on Boreas as much as possible so your party doesn't end up standing in fire or poison. When Boreas dies, he'll drop the Elemental Staff and probably a random legendary item, and you'll earn 11,700 xp,

Note: As of version there is a bug with Boreas. If you use the Teleport spell on him, then he'll "bounce" repeatedly, and the spell will kill him.

When you pick up the Elemental Staff, you'll discover that the other elemental monarchs are trapped inside, and they'll ask you to free them at the Elemental Forge. This is covered in the quest entry for Eternal Winter.

8 - Elemental Statues

These four statues will give you a temporary buff based on the element they represent.

9 - Blocked Door / Statue

To remove the magical barrier blocking the doorway here (#9), you'll need to answer a question from the nearby statue (#9a). The answer is "Lurrean." If you get the answer wrong, then the statue will kill you, so be sure to save first.

10 - Trapped Hallway

In this hallway you'll have to deal with a few Watchful Sentinels and traps. To get through them, you'll either need a character who can sneak or you'll need an Invisibility Potion. For the first trap (fireballs and poison gas), you can just sneak around on the southern side since the sentinel on that side won't be active. For the second trap (lightning), you can circle around on the northern side since the sentinel on that side won't be active. For the final two sentinels guarding the exit, you'll need to wait for them to turn towards the wall (if you're sneaking) or just walk right past them at any time (if you're invisible).

In the room just past the hallway, you'll find a pull-ring on the wall. Pulling it will deactivate all of the Watchful Sentinels in the hallway, making it easy for the rest of your party to catch up.

Note: If you explore the low ground just before the hallway, then you can detect another pull-ring. However, you won't be able to interact with this one, which is probably a bug. At some point in the future this other pull-ring might have an effect on the hallway as well.

11 - Treasure Chamber

When you enter the treasure chamber, you'll earn an exploration xp bonus. Then not far into the chamber, you'll trigger a Star Stone, which will give you another xp bonus. Inside the chamber, you'll find some useful things:
Finally, if you stand in the middle of the round grate in the center of the chamber (where the Star Stone was located) while wearing the Royal Guard Talisman (from the chest next to William McWishing Well in Hiberheim), then after a few seconds the talisman will disappear, but you'll receive the Winter Ring in its place, and you'll also earn 5000 xp.

  1. Main exit to Hiberheim. This exit will start out blocked by a magical barrier. To open the barrier, you'll need to pick up the Orders from the Elemental Forge in Hiberheim, and use it like a key on the barrier.
  2. Side exit to Hiberheim.
  3. Hatch to the Hiberheim maintenance tunnel.
  4. Waypoint portal.