Location: First Garden

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The First Garden is the final location in the game. When you teleport here from the Homestead, you won't be allowed to leave, and the game will end once you've defeated the Void Dragon (#4). So before taking the trip, make sure you've wrapped up whatever quests you're interested in, and you've done whatever shopping you might need.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Locked Gate

To open this gate, you'll need to have your main characters stand on the two pressure plates in front of it. When that happens, Leandra will appear, and you'll get a chance to use the Soulforge Repair Ritual (which you should have gained at the end of the quest A Forge of Souls). If you do, then Leandra will realize the error in her ways, and Icara and Zandalor will take her somewhere safe where she can recover. If you don't, then Leandra will teleport Icara and Zandalor away, and she'll make her way to the Godbox (#3), where you'll have to fight her along with the Trife.

3 - Godbox

When you arrive at the Godbox, you'll find the Trife there waiting for you. If you didn't repair Leandra's soul forge at the entrance (#2), then she'll be with the Trife, and she'll have a pair of invulnerable Death Princes with her. No matter what you say to the Trife, you'll have to fight him -- plus whoever might be standing with him -- but Astarte will show up to help you out.

If Leandra is in the battle, then you should target her first, but beyond that, you should just attack whichever enemy is causing you the most problems. If you can keep the Trife frozen or knocked down, then attack the Death Princes. If the Death Princes can't hit your tanks, then focus on the Trife. If the Trife is your only enemy, then obviously you should whale away on him. You'll earn 9000 xp when the Trife dies, and 10,000 xp each for Leandra and the Death Princes, if they're there.

4 - Void Dragon

To make the Void Dragon appear, you'll just need to approach this spot. That means you should be able to heal your party after completing the battle at the Godbox (#3). The Void Dragon is big and mean. It has over 9000 hit points, it'll breathe ice and fire on you, and it'll summon (and re-summon) shadows and spiders to attack you. The Void Dragon also has a 200 resistance to tenebrium, which means all tenebrium attacks will heal it rather than damage it.

So what to do? Since defeating the shadows and spiders won't help you much, you should just focus on the dragon, and only worry about the minions if they're targeting one of your spellcasters or Astarte. If your tanks have 80 or near-80 resistances in everything, then the Void Dragon probably won't be able to hurt them much, and it'll just be a matter of wearing it down until it dies. When that happens, you'll earn 63,000 xp, Astarte will lock the Void Dragon back in the Godbox, and you'll win the game.

Congratulations for completing Divinity: Original Sin!