Location: Druid Dungeon

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1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll start out in the dungeon after teleporting in from the Phantom Forest.

2 - Sarcophagus

If you attempt to open this sarcophagus, then the nearby part of the dungeon will fill up with poison gas, and seven zombies will wake up and attack you. The poison gas will heal the zombies, so you should immediately ignite it, even though doing so will damage your party. You'll earn over 40,000 xp for completing the battle.

3 - Oddly-Shaped Skull

When you click on the oddly-shaped skull here, you'll lower the nearby bridge, which will allow you to continue exploring the dungeon. You'll also earn 5130 xp.

4 - Stone Head

If you look at your map, then you'll see a walkway behind the stone head here, but there isn't any way to get back there.

5 - Oddly-Shaped Skull

When you click on this oddly-shaped skull, the nearby stone bridge will repair itself, but then four named wolves -- Deathpaw, Dreadfang, Frostbite and Nightfall -- will cross over it and attack you.

6 - Steam Traps

Starting here you'll encounter several steam traps. The traps won't hurt you, and they're not hiding anything, so it's safe to just walk through them. But if you really want to disable them, the easiest way is to move the nearby barrels onto their vents.

7 - Vine-Covered Archway

Although it might not be obvious when you first see it, this archway can be walked through. However, just past the archway you'll have to deal with a few explosive traps.

8 - Hidden Mound

If you detect and dig up the hidden mound here, then you'll come away with a Magical Unlock Scroll.

9 - Desk

On the desk here you'll find a Druid's Alchemy Notes and an Invulnerability Skillbook. The alchemy notes will teach you how to make Perception Potions, and conveniently you'll find all of the necessary ingredients in the shelf behind the desk. You'll also earn an exploration xp bonus when you get close enough to the desk.

10 - Illusionary Wall

The stone wall here is actually fake. No matter what, your party will be able to walk through it, but if your Perception is high enough, then the wall will disappear when you get close enough to it. You'll earn an exploration xp bonus when you walk through the wall.

11 - Hidden Chest

If you have enough Perception, then you'll detect a hidden chest here.

12 - Grave

If you read the grave marker here, then you'll see that the grave beneath it belongs to Lady Cassandra. If you dig up the grave, then you'll discover Cassandra's Skeleton plus the Key of the Source King. The skeleton might prove useful to you during the quest A Forge of Souls. The key will unlock the Chest of the Source King, which you might remember finding after your battle with Braccus Rex under the desecrated church in Cyseal East.

Behind the grave you should notice a giant stone head. You'll find a Blood Stone in one of its eye sockets.

13 - Alchemist

You'll meet an undead alchemist here. He'll have alchemy ingredients for sale. He'll also let you know that Cassandra is a lich.

  1. Waypoint portal.