Location: Cyseal West

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1 - Hidden Mounds

You'll discover a hidden mound at each of these locations. You'll need a Shovel to dig them up. Inside each mound you'll find a chest containing some random equipment.

Note: If you purchased and read the Treasure Maps from Gerome in Cyseal City, then the mounds will be labeled on your map.

2 - House

Inside this house you'll meet Wulfram. He's involved in the quest The Lost Archeologist. Besides Wulfram, you won't find much of interest in the house, in the main floor or in the basement -- although you will gain an exploration xp bonus for entering the basement.

3 - Beekeeper's House

Inside this house you'll find a Diary detailing the owner's problems with his dogs Toxa and Sheba. After reading the Diary, you'll get a chance to choose between Compassionate (+3% critical chance) and Heartless (+20% hit chance when backstabbing). Outside the house, you'll meet Toxa and Sheba (who won't say anything to you even if you have the Pet Pal talent), and you'll discover some beehives. If you attack the dogs, then they'll turn into zombies and become hostile, and you'll earn 375 xp each for killing them. Inside one of the beehives, you'll find a random magical ring.

4 - House

After defeating the skeletons guarding this house, when you search it you'll find a treasure chest plus a corpse holding Orders from Captain Aureus. The Orders will indicate that the soldiers were sent out to investigate the lighthouse (#9). Reading the Orders can trigger the quest The Scaredy Pact.

5 - House

You'll encounter some skeletons when you approach this house. Use fire on the spilled oil to take them out quickly. Inside the house you'll discover a locked hatch hidden under a rug. You'll find the key for the hatch in a corner by a barrel.

When you enter the basement of the house, you'll earn an exploration xp bonus. While you're there, you'll find a Whirlwind Skillbook (on the desk), a small box containing a random piece of jewelry (also on the desk), and a treasure chest. You should also notice a large sarcophagus in the center of the room. To open it, you'll just need to click on the lid and drag it to the floor.

When you open the sarcophagus, you'll meet the ghost of Snorri, who used to be a strongman. He'll challenge you to a test, which will trigger the quest "Strongman." For the test, Snorri will summon a magical ball, and if you can destroy it within 35 seconds, then he'll give you a prize. If you pass the test, then you'll earn 600 xp, and Snorri will summon a treasure chest for you before leaving. If you fail, then Snorri will attack you, but you'll earn 645 xp for defeating him.

Note: Snorri will have a pair of unidentified magical items for sale. If you're interested, then you should purchase them before accepting his test since he'll disappear afterwards.

6 - Lucia and Mallius

You'll meet the legionnaires Lucia and Mallius here. They're involved in the quest The Scaredy Pact. Near Lucia and Mallius, you might notice a sturdy wooden chest hidden in the foliage. The key for the chest is located nearby to the south (#7). Inside the chest you'll find two random items plus a Resurrect Scroll.

7 - Sturdy Wooden Chest Key

The chest for this key is located to the north (#6).

8 - Exploration XP Bonus

You'll earn 500 xp as an exploration bonus when you reach this spot. The game will also auto-save around here, giving you fair warning that something dangerous is ahead.

9 - Lighthouse

When you reach the lighthouse, you'll get attacked by three Lupine Horrors, two Undead Archers, an Exploskeleton, and The-Ghoul-That-Guards-the-Lighthouse. This battle can be tough early in the game. We'd recommend waiting on your first turn and then teleporting the Exploskeleton to one of the archers to take them both out (and maybe damage the ghoul as well). Then you should kill the three horrors (who are fairly wimpy) and gang up on the ghoul. The ghoul can resurrect the horrors, so you might want to keep a melee character near your ranged characters to protect them. You'll earn 1500 xp when the ghoul dies, and it will drop a handful of random items, plus the unique club Clobbering Time. You'll also find a Magical Poison Arrow Skillbook nearby.

In the basement of the lighthouse, you'll find a treasure chest and you'll meet the ghost of Samson, who is involved in the quests Lost Love at the Lighthouse and The Scaredy Pact. If your Perception is high enough, then you'll also spot a Ruby in one of the shelves.

  1. Path to Cyseal City.
  2. Path to Cyseal North.
  3. Well to the Cyseal Tunnels.
  4. Hatch to the Elemental Caves (West). You'll encounter an Undead Pyromancer and three Lesser Infernal Chimeras guarding the hatch, so you'll need to be able to do some non-fire damage when you attack them (fire will heal the chimeras).
  5. Hatch to the Elemental Caves (East). You'll meet a sick-looking dog by the hatch. You won't be able to talk to him, and when you approach him, he'll trigger an ambush by a handful of Level 4 skeletons.
  6. Waypoint portal.