Location: Cyseal East

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1 - Poison Field

This poison field gives you a way to circle around the trapped villa (#4-7) and avoid going inside. There isn't any way to disarm the poison, but you can shoot some fire at it, which will cause a massive explosion -- and also cause all of the poison to disappear, even though the pumps in the field make it look like it should keep filling up.

On the far side of the field, you'll come to a locked "garden" door. You'll find the key for it nearby on a barrel. But be careful. There are two traps in the area: one by the key and one on the opposite side of the door.

2 - Hidden Mounds

You'll discover a hidden mound at each of these locations. You'll need a Shovel to dig them up. Inside each mound you'll find a chest containing some random equipment.

Note: If you purchased and read the Treasure Maps from Gerome in Cyseal City, then the mounds will be labeled on your map.

8 - King's Chest West Key

You'll find the King's Chest West Key on a barrel here -- but you won't be able to get to it because of the lava surrounding it. The easiest way to get the key is to notice that the lava here is actually a vent trap. To make the lava disappear you'll need to cover two vents (move your mouse around the lava to spot them). Unlike other vent traps, you won't be able to use crates or barrels because they'll burn up. So instead you'll need to use two things that can't burn -- like Hammers, which you'll find in the Fireball Trap Room of the Trapped Villa (#6). You can also get the key if you have a high enough rank of Telekinesis.

The King's Chest West is located to the north (#9).

4 - Trapped Villa: Poison Trap Room

This room has a poison vent trap by the front door. To disarm it, you'll just need to move a crate to the center of the trap to cover the vent. You can also spot three other traps, one of which can't be disarmed, so watch your step.

In one corner of the room you'll discover a locked storage chest (#4a). The key for it is by the front door. Inside the chest you'll find two random items plus a Resurrect Scroll.

5 - Trapped Villa: Static Cloud Trap Room

The static cloud in this room is another vent trap, so you'll need to move a crate to the center of it to disarm it. You'll also find a pair of regular traps in the room. On the far side of the room, you'll discover a chest with two random items inside (#5a).

6 - Trapped Villa: Fireball Trap Room

When you enter this room from the Static Cloud Trap Room (#5), you'll step on a pressure plate, which will cause two fireballs to start shooting across the room. There isn't any way to disarm the pressure plate, but in one corner of the room you'll find a lever (#6b), and pulling it will turn off the fireballs. Just be careful because there are three traps by the lever.

In the shelves by the back door, you'll find a garden door key, which will unlock the two back doors to the villa. By the furnace, you'll discover a locked chest (#6a). The key for it is located in the Lava Rooms (#7). The chest is random but can give a legendary item.

7 - Trapped Villa: Lava Rooms

In these rooms you'll discover lava covering most of the floor. There isn't any way to remove the lava. To navigate through the rooms, you'll either need to cast Teleport or Featherfall, or you'll need to use your Teleporter Pyramids (by tossing one pyramid to a safe place to stand, and then using the other pyramid). You can use the same approach to bypass the static cloud in the doorway between the two rooms, or you can press the button on the north wall of the first room (#7b), which will turn the cloud off. You'll also have to deal with three regular traps in the rooms.

In the first Lava Room, you'll find a treasure chest in one corner (#7a). In the second Lava Room, you'll find a chest key (for the locked chest in the Fireball Trap Room, #6) in a shelf (#7c). There isn't any way to teleport to the shelf. The only way to get the key is to have at least 1 rank of Telekinesis (2 ranks is safer). To unlock the outer door to the Lava Rooms, you'll need the key from the Fireball Trap Room.

8 - Vargo, Doxy, and the Black Wolf

While exploring Cyseal East, you'll run into either Vargo (#8) or Doxy (#8a). These dogs will lead you to an Old Black Wolf and five Grey Wolves (#8b). You won't get a reward for defeating the wolves, other than a nice amount of xp. After the battle, Vargo and Doxy will run off.

9 - King's Chest West

Inside this chest you'll find a pair of random items plus a Resurrect Scroll. The key for the chest is located to the south (#3).

10 - Undead Court

At this spot you'll meet Diederik, the "Baron of Bones," plus Lady Annah, the Court Minstrel, and a handful of wizards and archers. No matter what you say to them, they'll attack you. All of the enemies are Level 7, and we wouldn't recommend that you try this battle until you're at least Level 7 yourself.

Diederik will inspire his allies, raise skeletons, and deal good damage; Lady Annah will act as a healer; the Court Minstrel will cast buffs and debuffs; and the wizards and archers will do their regular thing. We'd recommend that you take down Annah first, then go after the wizards and the minstrel, and then finally deal with Diederik and the archers.

Diederik will drop some random loot when he dies. You'll also find a box with a random item inside next to Annah's throne, and the King's Chest East Key on the ground by a tree on the eastern side of the court.

11 - King's Chest East

Inside this chest you'll find a pair of random items. The key for the chest is located in the undead court (#10).

12 - Mortician's Hut

This hut will start out locked. You'll find the key for it in the desecrated church (#19).

Inside the hut there are two traps. Right by the entrance you'll spot a pressure plate that once stepped on will cause lightning to hit the water in the hut, causing stunning jolts. In the center you'll spot a water vent that will keep a layer of water in the hut. Conveniently, you'll also find a barrel right next to the door, so you can use it on the water vent, making the lightning trap less annoying, and allowing you to explore a little bit easier. You can turn off the lightning trap by pulling a lever on the northern side of the hut.

Inside the hut, you'll find some things of interest:
  • A Summon Undead Warrior Skillbook (on the desk).

  • Thelyron's Diary and two Letters Addressed to Thelyron (in the shelves). These will reveal the relationship between Thelyron, the Conduit, and Evelyn, and they'll reveal (if you didn't know already) that Thelyron is the one who has been raising the undead in Cyseal.

  • Thelyron's Secret Chest. This will start out locked. The key for it is located in Thelyron's bedroom in Cyseal City (under the cupboard by the door). Inside the chest you'll find an Unsent Letter to the Conduit. The letter will explain how to open the staircase in the desecrated church (#19) and reach the undead source king Braccus Rex.
Note: When you enter the hut, one of your characters will mention a "foreboding hatch." There isn't really a hatch in the hut.

13 - Walter McWishing Well

Walter is involved in the quest The Wishing Brother. Approaching him will grant you an exploration xp bonus.

14 - Graveyard Entrance

Just like the graveyard in Cyseal City, you'll find lots of graves here that you can dig up -- provided that you have a Shovel. Some of the graves will contain loot, some will contain enemies, and others will be trapped, but in five of the graves you'll find old metal chests and in one you'll find an old metal key. The key will allow you to open one of the chests, where you'll find a key that will allow you to open the next chest, and so on. In the final chest you'll find four random items.

Note: Two of the graves for the old metal chests are on the western side, two are on the eastern side, and one is on the northern side. The first key is in a chest on the northern side.

15 - Hidden Mound

If your Perception is high enough, then you'll spot a hidden mound between the two tombs here. Inside the mound you'll discover the book The Legend of the Weresheep. Reading the book will trigger the quest The Legend of the Weresheep.

16 - Graveyard Madman

When you get close to the madman, he'll summon over a dozen Exploskeletons to attack you. The best way to deal with them is to send a summoned creature at them, since it can safely cause one to blow up while your party is far away, and hopefully set off a chain reaction. You can also shoot the Exploskeletons or Teleport them on top of each other to achieve the same effect.

After the battle you'll find a mess of minor loot, plus the book How to Speak Troll, Zombie Edition. The book might come in handy when you meet the zombie troll in Cyseal North (just past the northern Exit B).

17 - Key

On the ground between the tombs here, you'll find a key. It will allow you to unlock a chest to the east (#18).

18 - Ghosts

At this spot you'll meet the ghosts Brandon, Claudia, Ebenezer, Francisca, and Quentin. When you talk to Ebenezer you'll receive the quest The Preacher of Earthly Delights. Near the ghosts you'll spot a locked chest. The key for it can be found to the west (#17).

19 - Desecrated Church Entrance

When you try to enter the church, you'll be stopped by a quartet of Granite Guardians. They won't think much of you, and so you'll have to beat them in a rock-paper-scissors mini-game to prove that you're worthy. If you succeed, then they'll let you pass and you'll earn 2100 xp. If you fail, then you'll have to fight them. The guardians are immune to fire damage, earth damage, and piercing damage, but you'll earn over 6000 xp for defeating them, and one of them will drop a Stone Sword. Either way, when you pass through the entrance, you'll earn an exploration xp bonus.

Inside the church you'll meet a Hooded Man and get attacked by some Young Cultists. This encounter is a part of the quest The Undead Scourge. One of the cultists will drop the Mortician's Hut Key when he dies, which will allow you to enter the hut to the south of the church (#12).

The western alcove in the church will start out locked. You'll find the key for it on the floor in the northern part of the church. Inside the alcove, you might be able to spot a hatch that will take you just outside the church to the west. This will allow you to reach the hidden mound there (#2). If you can't detect the hatch, then you can simply Teleport a character to the mound.

In the eastern alcove you'll find a locked treasure chest. The key for it is located in the western alcove.

  1. Gate to Cyseal City.
  2. Path to Cyseal North.
  3. Stairs to the Ancient Tomb. To move the altar so it's not blocking the stairs, you'll need to operate the four paintings in the church (two in the main hall and two in the alcoves). Behind each painting you'll find a button, and pressing all four buttons will clear the way.
  4. Waypoint portal.