Location: Cyseal City

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1 - Abandoned House

This house / store has been closed and abandoned. It was designed to be explored from the bottom up, but you can bash or pick open one of the front doors to get inside that way if you want.

You can get into the basement of the house via a set of stairs in the Cyseal Tunnels. Next to the stairs you'll find a key, which will unlock the doors in the basement. You'll find another copy of the key in the basement itself. The basement is full of traps, but you can't disarm them, so you can either move around carefully to avoid them, or you can just run through them since they aren't very damaging. Along the way you'll find a pair of chests, one of which will always contain a Repair Hammer, and at the end you'll find a Journal, which will explain why the house is abandoned, and why there are so many traps.

On the main floor of the house, you'll find a treasure chest plus some paintings that you can take. Behind one of the paintings you'll discover a button. Pressing the button will open the exit door right next to it. If your Perception is high enough, then you can also find a Ruby next to the painting on the floor.

Behind the house, you'll find an anvil, a furnace, and a whetstone wheel -- basically everything needed for blacksmithing. Anvils can improve armor, furnaces can convert ore into (much lighter) bars, and whetstones can sharpen blades. To use one of the tools, just drag an inventory object onto it.

2 - Evelyn's House

This house will start out locked. You'll find the key for it during the quest A Mysterious Murder. Inside the house you'll find a few things of interest:
  • Evelyn's Diary. You'll find this in a shelf. You'll earn 900 xp for reading it. It's involved in the quest A Mysterious Murder.

  • Letter from the Conduit. You'll find this on a table. It will indicate that Evelyn knows the Conduit.

  • Reveal Spell. You'll find this in the chest. You'll receive 300 xp for picking it up. It's involved in the quest A Mysterious Murder.

  • Secure lockbox. You'll find the key for this outside by the back door. It will have two random items inside.

3 - Thelyron's House of Healing

In the main room, you'll meet the healer Thelyron, who will sell you a variety of items.

In the sickroom, you'll meet Evelyn, Thelyron's apprentice. She'll tell you that she has a healing stone -- a Star Stone -- but that she'll only be able to heal one of her two patients with it. This will trigger the quest "The Apprentice and the Stone." Your choice with either make you more Pragmatic (crafting +1) or Romantic (lucky charm +1), but it won't have any effect on the game, and either way you'll earn 300 xp at the end of the quest.

When Evelyn heals one of the patients, the Star Stone will flash, your party will get healed, and you'll earn some xp. If this is your first Star Stone, then you'll be teleported to the Homestead, which will function as a base of sorts for you. If this is your second Star Stone, then you'll unlock the Hall of Heroes in the Homestead, where you'll be able to purchase hirelings.

Note: If you proceed far enough in the quest A Mysterious Murder before meeting Evelyn, then she'll no longer be in Cyseal City, and you'll miss out on the quest "The Apprentice and the Stone." However, you'll still be able to trigger the Star Stone when you encounter Evelyn later.

The bedroom in the back of the house will start out locked, but you'll find the key for it in the sickroom on a counter. Entering the bedroom will earn you an exploration xp bonus. Inside the bedroom you'll discover a locked ornate chest with the key on the floor right next to it. You'll also find Thelyron's secret chest key under the cupboard by the door. Thelyron's secret chest is located in the Mortician's Hut in Cyseal East.

In the backyard of the house, you'll find a grave marked with a tombstone. If you try to dig up the grave, then you'll trigger two dialogue questions where you'll have to choose between being Compassionate (critical chance +3%) or Heartless (hit chance +20% when backstabbing). But whatever you do, don't dig up the grave. Doing so will cause an explosion that will kill everyone nearby, and you won't uncover any loot.

4 - Market

You'll meet a few people in the market:
  • Bertia. She'll give you the quest Little Bo Bertia Lost Her Sheep.

  • Captain Jack. He'll tell you that his crew abandoned him. If you're working on the quest The Shipless Sailors, then you'll be able to help him out.

  • Cheese Vendor, Fish Vendor, Vegetable Vendor. They'll sell you what you'd expect.

  • Cylia the Enchantress. She'll sell you a variety of items, including potions, Aerothurge skillbooks, Hydrosophist skillbooks, and ingredients. She'll also usually have a Pickaxe, which can otherwise be tough to find early in the game.

  • Fletcher. She'll sell you arrows, arrow ingredients, and Expert Marksman skillbooks.

  • Gerome. He'll sell you six Treasure Maps for about 3000 gp. Reading the maps will show you where you can find secret treasures in Cyseal. But the maps aren't required. If you have enough Perception, then you can notice the treasures just by walking next to them. After reading the maps, you can sell them back to Gerome to get some of your money back.

  • Kelvania (wandering near the fountain). If you talk to her with a male character, then she'll tell you to buzz off, and this will trigger a conversation between your main characters. You'll only have to make one choice during this conversation, but you'll either become more Blunt (immunity to charm) and Cautious (sneaking +1), or more Considerate (charisma +1) and Bold (initiative +1).

  • Robin (and Rhoa). Robin is involved in the quest "The Fish Thief." When you approach him, he'll basically ask you for permission to steal a fish from the fish merchant's cart. Your answer will make you more Righteous (+1 leadership) or Renegade (+1 pickpocketing). If you let Robin steal the fish, then a guard will accost him and ask you what happened. Your answer this time will make you more Blunt (immunity to charm) or Considerate (+1 charisma). Regardless of what you say during the quest, you'll receive 180 xp for completing it.

    Note: The fish merchant will overhear what you say to Robin. If you let him take the fish, then the merchant's prices will go up.

    Another Note: This is one of three places in the game where you'll have to remember what you decided -- what each of your characters wanted to do, plus the result -- later in the game. So be sure to take notes if necessary.

5 - Mendius

You'll meet Mendius standing here. He'll give you a spiel about the Fabulous Five, "the most illustrious and celebrated adventurers' guild in Rivellon." During this conversation, you'll get three chances to affect your traits, and then when Mendius asks you to join, you'll get one more:
  • Bold (+1 initiative) or Cautious (+1 sneaking)
  • Altruistic (+2 reputation) or Egotistical (+1 bartering)
  • Independent (+1 willpower) or Obedient (willpower bonus from Leadership)
  • Bold or Cautious again
Even though Mendius sounds like a carnival huckster, there isn't any reason not to accept his offer. If you do, then you'll receive the quest The Fabulous Five. If you don't, then you won't.

6 - King Crab Inn

You'll meet several people inside the inn:
  • Anna (main floor, near the bar). She's a shopkeeper with the Fabulous Five. She'll only be available while the Fabulous Five is in town.

  • Duke of Ferol (main floor, near the entrance). He's Esmeralda's boyfriend, and so he's peripherally involved in the quest A Mysterious Murder.

  • Francis (main floor, in his own room). He'll tell you about the Conduit, and he'll suggest that you travel to Silverglen (in the Luculla Forest) to learn more about her. He'll also sell you potions. Eventually he'll leave.

  • Madora (main floor, wandering near the entrance). She's a former Source Hunter who sees Source threats all around her. She might sound a little -- or maybe a lot -- crazy, but she's just fine as a companion.

  • Shereth (upper floor, in her own room). She's a merchant. She'll sell you Scoundrel skillbooks, Witchcraft skillbooks, Lockpicks, Trap Disarm Toolkits, and more.

  • Unsinkable Sam (main floor, by the fireplace). If you have the Pet Pal talent, then you'll be able to talk to him, and he'll give you the quest Kitty Love.

  • Waitress (main floor, wandering). She'll sell you food and drinks.

  • Yvad Tavernier (main floor, behind the bar). He's the bartender. He'll sell you drinks.
The southwestern room on the main floor of the inn is involved in the quest A Mysterious Murder. The legionnaire guarding the door won't let you inside until you've progressed far enough in the quest. Inside the room you'll trigger a Star Stone. If this is your first Star Stone, then you'll be teleported to the Homestead. If this is your second Star Stone, then you'll unlock the Hall of Heroes in the Homestead, where you'll be able to purchase hirelings.

Inside the basement you'll find three chests: an unlocked chest by the staircase, a locked "simple" chest, and a locked "ornate" chest. The key for the simple chest is by the ornate chest. The key for the ornate chest is in the food preparation area (where the cooking pot is). To reach the ornate chest, you'll have to deal with a pair of traps: a poison vent trap, and a pressure-plate triggered fireball trap. To deal with the poison, just move a barrel on top of the vent. There isn't any way to disable to fireball trap; you'll just have to avoid stepping onto the pressure plate.

7 - Morgue

On the main floor of the morgue, you'll earn an exploration xp bonus for entering the preparation room. You'll also find Roberts' Ledger in that room. The ledger can be used in the quest A Mysterious Murder.

Upstairs in the morgue you'll meet Roberts the mortician. He's involved in the quest A Mysterious Murder. You'll also find a locked chest in his bedroom. The key can be found on the floor in the adjacent room.

Note: In a few places in the morgue you'll find Nine Inch Nails. With enough points in crafting, the nails can be combined with boots to give them an anti-slipping bonus.

8 - Eglandaer

Eglandaer will give you the quest Elf-Orc Blood Feud, and then he'll head over to his room in the King Crab Inn (#6).

9 - Town Hall

In Mayor Cecil's office, you'll meet three people:
  • Mayor Cecil. He'll give you the quest Cecil's Mighty Staff. If you ask the mayor to show you the library (upstairs) then he'll leave the room, making it easier for you to rob him.

  • Charlene. She'll give you the quest Tom, the Wannabe Adventurer. Sometimes Charlene will head upstairs to the library.

  • Maxine (the black cat). She's involved in the quest Kitty Love.
To get into the living quarters, you'll either need to pick the lock on the door, or you'll need to steal the key from under the flower pot near the door. Entering the living quarters will earn you an exploration xp bonus. Inside the living quarters, you'll find some expensive stuff to steal, plus a locked ornate chest that you can loot. The key for the chest is sitting on a nearby desk.

In the bathroom / bedroom, you'll meet Cecilia, the mayor's wife. The first time you enter the room she'll be in the bathtub, and she'll demand that you leave (even if she can't see you). Later, she'll just stand in the room and she won't care if you wander around. You'll earn an exploration xp bonus for entering the bathroom, and inside you'll find a Teleporter Pyramid and a locked chest. The key for the chest can be found by the baskets in the corner of the room.

Note: There isn't any need to try and break into the bathroom, which will start out locked. Early in the game you'll find the other Teleporter Pyramid, and using it will take you to the one in the bathroom. When that happens, the outside door to the room will open, giving you easy access in and out.

In the library (upstairs) you'll meet two people:
  • Jahan. He's a demon-hunter and one of the companions in the game. You'll have to agree not to deal with any demons for him to join you. However, this won't prevent you from dealing with demons if you want.

  • Victoria. She's the adopted orc daughter of Mayor Cecil. She'll sell you a few books (including the Forgotten Language of Faery, which you'll need in order to open a stone coffin in Hiberheim Castle later in the game). If you ask Victoria if you can borrow books from the library then she'll say yes, which will convert the books from "red" to "white," thus allowing you to take them without stealing them. Victoria is also involved in the quest Elf-Orc Blood Feud.

10 - Esmeralda's House / Shop

When you enter the shop area of the house, you'll meet Esmeralda, who will sell you a small variety of items. Esmeralda is involved in the quests A Mysterious Murder and The Councilor's Wife.

The other two ground floor rooms are a part of Esmeralda's living quarters. You'll get an exploration xp bonus for entering each of them. The key for the doors to these rooms can be found upstairs. In one of the rooms you'll find a locked chest. The key for it can be found on the floor hidden by the nearby barrels (or in the nearby tub, depending on the version of the game you're playing). The other key in the room is for the chest at the crime scene in the King Crab Inn (#6). In the other room you'll find the book The Perfect Murder, which is involved in the quest The Councilor's Wife.

Upstairs, you'll find some things you can steal, including a pair of paintings, Smelly Panties (in the chest), and the key to Esmeralda's House, which will unlock the doors on the ground floor. The panties can be used in the quest A Mysterious Murder.

You can enter the cellar via the hatch in the living quarters. In this part of the house you'll find a chest behind a locked gate. The key for the gate is located on a nearby table. The cellar also has a secret room. To open it, you'll need to press the button hidden behind the hanging Hams. Entering the secret room will earn you an exploration xp bonus. Inside, you'll find an ornate chest containing some magical equipment, and you'll also find a Bloody Dagger. The knife is involved in the quest The Councilor's Wife.

11 - Reginald and Stefan

On the stage here you'll meet Reginald and his talking head Stefan. They'll have a big crowd watching them thanks to Gallagher in the audience. Stefan is involved in the quest Headless Nick. Gallagher and Reginald are involved in the quest Warming the Crowd.

12 - Cedric

You'll meet Cedric on the stage here. He's involved in the quest Warming the Crowd.

13 - Burned House

If you enter the burned house here, then you'll earn an exploration xp bonus. Just outside the house, you'll meet a beggar. He'll tell you about his encounter with the Watcher Statues, which will earn you 100 xp. This is a part of the quest The Talking Statues. After your conversation with the beggar, you'll get a chance to start a conversation between your characters, which will give you a choice between being Spiritual (immunity to fear) or Materialistic (loremaster +1).

14 - Legion Headquarters

On the main floor of the headquarters, you'll meet Captain Aureus, the leader of the Legion in Cyseal. He'll give you the quests Legionnaires at the Church, The Lost Archeologist, The Scaredy Pact, and The Undead Scourge, and he's involved in the quest A Mysterious Murder. Aureus is also a shopkeeper who will sell you Man-at-Arms skillbooks.

Note: The key on the shelf next to Aureus unlocks the chest in the room. The chest (in the southeastern corner) can be tough to spot because of the camera limitations. Inside the chest you'll find two random magical items.

In the basement of the headquarters, you'll find the prison and a treasure chamber. You can steal the key for the treasure chamber from the soldier guarding the door, or you can talk him into letting you inside after completing the quest Arhu's Failed Experiment. Inside the treasure chamber, you'll earn an exploration xp bonus, and you'll find a chest with a couple of random items inside. You can also steal the keys to the jail cells (from the other soldier), but this won't lead to anything interesting.

Upstairs in the headquarters you'll find Arhu, who will probably be in cat form. Arhu will give you the quest Arhu's Failed Experiment, and he'll also sell you Geomancer and Pyrokinetic skillbooks. On a desk in Arhu's room, you'll find a Magical Unlock Scroll. These scrolls are very valuable, since they're limited and can be used to open magical (purple) locks.

15 - Ornate Chest

Inside this ornate chest you'll find a Dusty Parchment, which will give you a clue for the Last Chest in the Homestead.

16 - Legion Kitchen / Storehouse

When you enter the kitchen for the first time, you'll witness Cook Morris chasing a chicken around. This will give you a chance to be Compassionate (critical chance +3%) or Heartless (hit chance +20% when backstabbing). If the chicken survives the encounter, you won't be able to talk to it afterwards, even if you have the Pet Pal talent. The chicken will just walk away. Morris isn't involved in any quests.

On the upper floor, you'll meet the Legion Quartermaster. She'll have a variety of gear to sell you. Conveniently, the quartermaster won't change the direction she's facing very often, so if you talk to her, you can point her away from any equipment you want to steal, including all of the weapons and magic arrows in the corner behind her. You can also nab an Identifying Glass from one of the tables. The key for the locked chest in the room can be found on the floor behind some baskets.

You won't find much in the basement other than some rats and pigs that you can kill if you want.

17 - Legion Camp

You'll find six chests in the camp, five of which will start out locked. Keys for four of the chests can be found in the camp: one in a wagon, another in a mobile kitchen, a third on a table, and the fourth being carried by a patrolling legionnaire.

18 - Graveyard

You'll find a Shovel and several graves in the graveyard. You'll need a Shovel to dig up the graves -- plus any other objects hidden in the ground, so you should always have a Shovel on you. The graves are all "white" so nobody will care if you loot them. The graves of interest are listed below:
  • Cavanaugh's grave. Digging up this grave will unearth a Cyseal Pie.

  • David's and Helen's graves. Digging up these graves will cause a level 5 (or so) skeleton to appear. Fighting the skeletons can be tough if you're only level 3, so be sure you've recruited some companions first. You'll earn over 1000 xp for each skeleton.

  • Jake's grave. Next to the grave you'll meet Murphy the dog. If you have the Pet Pal talent, then Murphy will reveal that Jake isn't in his grave -- which you can verify yourself by digging it up. Inside the grave you'll find a Sheep's Corpse, which you'll need for the quest Little Lo Bertia Lost Her Sheep. Murphy can help you with the quest A Mysterious Murder.

  • Jarred's grave. Digging up this grave will cause an explosive skeleton to appear. The easiest way to kill it is to teleport it somewhere.

  • Lonie's grave. If you dig up this grave, then Lonie's mother Siva will attack you.

  • Nemris' grave. Digging up this grave will cause the ghost of Nemris to appear, which will trigger the quest "The Philosopher." Nemris is the author of The Philosophy of Death, and he'll give you a quiz about his book, which you can find in the library (#9). The answers to his questions are 2, 2, and 1. If you get the answers right, then Nemris will summon a reward chest for you, and you'll earn 600 xp. If you get an answer wrong, then Nemris will disappear.
You'll also find a big pile of dirt without a gravestone next to it. Digging up the dirt will reveal an exit to the Cyseal Tunnels.

Note: If you're wearing Zandalor's Trunks, then the trunks will narrate the words on the gravestones.

  1. Path to Cyseal South.
  2. Path to Cyseal West.
  3. Path to Cyseal North.
  4. Path to Cyseal East.
  5. Waypoint portal.