Location: Luculla Forest South

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1 - Samid

When you reach this spot, you might run into a former Immaculate named Samid. He'll warn you that the Immaculates are using source magic, and then he'll run off. This will trigger the quest Infiltrating the Immaculates.

2 - Pavilion of Death

If you interact with the pavilion, then it will ask you if you wish to die, and, if so, quickly or slowly? If you say "yes," then lava traps and Meteor Showers will appear in the area (either quickly or slowly) until you die or move away. While this is going on, a button will appear on the boulder next to the path leading up to the pavilion. If you press the button (waiting for a lull in the lava trap in front of it) then a chest will appear. You'll find a couple of random items inside the chest.

3 - Silverglen

Please refer to the Silverglen location entry for more information about the village.

4 - Fumble

In front of the broken bridge here you'll meet the troll Fumble. He'll ask you to pay a 1000 gp troll toll, but he won't be very enthusiastic about it. If you ask him why he seems down, then he'll tell you that he's lonely, which will trigger the quest Beauty and the Beast.

5 - Trapped Hill

You'll encounter several traps on this hill, including two pressure plates that can't be disarmed with toolkits. So send your best thief character slowly and carefully up the path, avoiding or disarming traps along the way. At the top you'll find three things: a lever that will disarm the first pressure plate, a chest with some random items inside, and a hidden mound containing a Barrier Removal Spell. You might need the spell for the quest Fun with Fungi.

6 - Bjorn, Mara and Alfie

At this camp you'll meet Bjorn, his wife Mara, and their beast of burden Alfie. Bjorn will tell you that they were on their way to Silverglen when they were attacked by bandits, and that Alfie was just barely able to defend them (you might have noticed the corpse of one of the bandits, Istrid, on your way to the camp). This conversation will trigger two quests: An A-mount of Healing Magic and The Escort Job.

7 - Grumble

In front of the broken bridge here you'll meet the troll Grumble. Just like Fumble (#3), he'll demand that you pay 1000 gp as a troll toll. However, unlike Fumble, he'll mean it, and his demand will trigger the quest "The Angry Troll." You'll have two ways to complete the quest: you can pay the toll, or you can kill Grumble. Grumble is Level 10, but with four against one, he shouldn't be too much trouble, and you'll earn 2750 xp when he dies. Discussing the toll will also give your main characters a chance to choose between being Bold (initiative +1) or Cautious (sneaking +1).

While talking to Grumble, you'll also be able to ask him about the troll king. This will trigger a game of rock-paper-scissors. If you fail the game, then Grumble will attack you, but if you win, then he'll reveal that "magic is needed to see the king," and that you should ask the troll Archibald (in Luculla Forest North) about it.

8 - Cabin of the White Witch

When you get close to the Cabin of the White Witch, you'll get stopped by an Immaculate Summoner. He'll tell you that the Immaculates have imprisoned the witch in her cabin, and that you should leave. If you decide to press on, then there are two ways the encounter can go. If you beat the summoner in a game of rock-paper-scissors, then he'll disappear, and you'll earn 5500 xp. But if you lose the game, then the summoner will create two waves of shadows to attack you (in two battles), which will earn you over 15,000 xp in total, and then when you eventually open the door to the cabin, the summoner will attack you by himself, which will earn you an additional 2750 xp.

Either way, you still won't be able to enter the cabin, because it will be surrounded by a magical barrier. To learn more about the barrier, you should talk to either of the two giant mushrooms by the cabin. They'll give you the quest Fun with Fungi. Completing that quest will remove the barrier.

When you enter the cabin, you'll earn an exploration xp bonus, but you won't find the White Witch inside. Instead, you'll discover a Mirror of Astarte, and when you click on it, you'll be transported to a similar cabin in the Witch's Grotto.

9 - Hidden Mound

If you detect and dig up this mound, then you'll find a chest containing a couple of magical items. The location of this mound is a secret that you can purchase from the Teller of Secrets in the Homestead.

10 - Hidden Mound

With enough Perception, you'll detect a hidden mound next to the tree stump here, and inside you'll find Mendius' Stash, which will probably contain a couple of magical or rare items. You'll learn the location of this stash while you're in the Immaculate Trial Dungeon in Luculla Forest North.

11 - Treasure Chest

The only way to reach this chest is to Teleport a character or throw a Teleporter Pyramid across the river. The location of this chest is one of the secrets you can purchase from the Teller of Secrets in the Homestead.

12 - More Hidden Mounds

With enough Perception, you'll detect hidden mounds at these locations. These hidden mounds aren't associated with secrets.

13 - Garkulda Nightbringer

You'll encounter the orc Garkulda Nightbringer here. When you come upon her, it'll look like she's alone with a single orc, but when the fight starts up, she'll call out for reinforcements, and five more orcs (including two casters and two archers) will jump out of the bushes and attack you. All of the enemies will be Level 12, making this a difficult fight unless you're at least the same level. After the battle, you'll find Orders and Garkulda's Orders on the ground. As far as we can tell, these documents aren't used anywhere in the game.

14 - Swashbuckler Goblin

This goblin won't be paying any attention to the road, and your characters will comment that they might be able to sneak past him. There doesn't appear to be any benefit to this. If you sneak past all of the goblins between here and the Luculla Mines (Exit C), then all you'll do is cost yourself some xp.

15 - Goblin Camp

You'll encounter eight Level 12 goblins in this camp -- but they'll all be sleeping. So unlike the earlier goblin (#14), where there wasn't any reason to sneak past him, now there's a reason to sneak, because fighting eight goblins at once can be tough. Still, who can pass up a big fight? If you start the battle off with a good area-effect spell, then you can dramatically reduce the difficulty. You'll earn about 20,000 xp for killing all of the goblins. You'll also find a silver ore deposit in the camp.

16 - Wooden Barrier

You can destroy a wooden barrier here, which will give you two ways to reach the Luculla Mines (Exit C). If you take the northern path, then you'll have to do some more fighting. If you take the southern path, then you'll have to deal with several traps.

17 - Iron Ore Deposits

18 - Immaculate Checkpoint

If you're far enough along in the quest The Initiation, then you'll just need to tell the Immaculates at the checkpoint here that you have Loic's permission, and they'll allow you to pass. Otherwise, if you don't immediately exit the dialogue that pops up, then you'll be forced to play rock-paper-scissors against the Immaculates, where winning will allow you to pass (worth 7875 xp) and losing will start a fight (worth over 20,000 xp). Since the Immaculates here are Level 13, you might want to explore other parts of the Luculla Forest first and come back to this checkpoint (and the regions beyond) later.

  1. Bridge to Cyseal.
  2. Entrance to the Troll King's Cave.
  3. Entrance to the Luculla Mines. You'll earn an exploration xp bonus when you approach the entrance.
  4. Bridge to Luculla Forest North.
  5. Waypoint portal.