Quest: The Initiation

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You'll receive this quest from Loic in Silverglen (#1).


Loic will tell you that he is an "Enlightened One" among the Immaculates, and that he is also a spokesman for the Conduit. When you ask him about joining the Immaculates, he'll give you the Book of the Immaculates I, and he'll ask you to come back when you can answer three questions about it and the Book of the Immaculates II.

You can find the Book of the Immaculates II in a variety of places, but the closest one is on the counter in Nadia's shop in Silverglen (#2). If you try to "steal" the book from Nadia, then she'll spot you and ask you if you'd like to buy it. If you say yes, then she'll add it to her stock, and it'll cost you about 300 gp to pick it up. It's probably possible to really steal the book, but with three people in the shop, you'd either need a really high Sneak skill or an Invisibility Potion.

After reading both books, you should return to Loic. To get him to start the quiz, you'll need to ask him about the Immaculates, then ask him about joining the Immaculates, and finally agree to answer his questions. The answers are "correct," "incorrect," and "correct." If you get all three questions right, then you'll earn 3300 xp, and Loic will decide that you are ready for the "true test" -- becoming an actual Immaculate. If you haven't received it elsewhere yet, then completing this part of the quest will trigger the quest Infiltrating the Immaculates.

To become an Immaculate, you'll need to complete an initiation trial. You can do this in the Immaculate Trial Dungeon, which you can reach by using the path that runs along the western edge of the Luculla Forest. The entrance to the dungeon is located in the desert, and it looks like a giant skull (#2).

Inside the dungeon, you'll be inflicted with Rot (assuming you don't have Rot immunity thanks to the quest The Troll's Bounty), and you'll have to pass two trials:
  • In the first trial, you'll have to put specific weights on four pressure plates. The plates have different sizes, with the largest plate requiring the most weight. The weights you'll need to apply are 1, 2, 5 and 7.5. You'll find objects in the dungeon that have each of these weights.

  • In the second trial, you'll need to put three levers in the correct position. You'll find the "code" for the levers painted on the wall of the trial room.
Note: For more details about the two trials, please refer to the Immaculate Trial Dungeon location entry.

After completing the trials, you'll come to an altar holding a Star Stone. When you get close enough to it, you'll trigger the stone, which will heal you and cure you of the Rot (if you had it), and also give you some xp. When you continue on and talk to Loic, he'll tell you that you should kill the nearby chicken so you can use its blood on the Star Stone and become healed -- but then he'll notice that you're already healed, and he'll get flustered and leave.

Soon enough Loic will come back with four other Immaculates, and the group will attack you. If you've already completed the Hiberheim map, then this battle will probably be pretty easy. But if you have trouble, we'd recommend targeting the Immaculate Stormweaver (who can stun you) and the Immaculate Frostweaver (who can freeze you) first, and then mopping up the rest. Defeating the Immaculates will earn you about 25,000 xp, and it will also complete the quest, which will grant you an additional 3900 xp.

1 - Immaculate Church

2 - Nadia's Shop

3 - Immaculate Trial Dungeon