Quest: Infiltrating the Immaculates

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You'll receive this quest from Samid in the Luculla Forest South (#1), provided that you run into him. If not, then you'll receive this quest from Loic in Silverglen (#2) after completing the first part of the quest The Initiation.


To infiltrate the Immaculates, you'll first have to join them, which means you'll need to complete the quest The Initiation. At the end of that quest, Loic will attack you, and he'll drop the Church Hatch Key when he dies. The key will allow you to enter Loic's office beneath the Immaculate Church in Silverglen, where you'll discover a portal that will take you to Luculla Forest North, near the Immaculate village of Sacred Stone (#3).

If you explore the northern part of the Luculla Forest, then you'll eventually find the Immaculate Cathedral (#4). Inside, you'll meet an Immaculate named Mangoth, and you'll (hopefully) prevent him from sacrificing some humans to create a Blood Stone from a Star Stone. However, before you can get to Mangoth, he'll summon some demons and flee to a secret chamber beneath the cathedral. To follow him, you'll first have to defeat the demons and the Immaculates that Mangoth left behind, and then you'll have to find the lever (on the eastern side) that moves the altar and reveals the staircase leading down.

In the lower chamber of the cathedral, you'll have figure out how to enter a secret room. This means you'll have to locate four buttons and then press them in the right order. Please refer to the Immaculate Cathedral location entry for how to do this. When you press the buttons correctly, the secret room in the center of the chamber will open up, but when you enter it Mangoth will return, and he'll have five demons with him.

The battle against Mangoth is intended to be the final battle in the Luculla Forest portion of the game. If that's when you fight him, then you'll probably have an easy time. But if you go into the Cathedral early, then things might be much tougher. Mangoth and the demons will all cast spells, burning you, freezing you, knocking you down, blinding you, and more, and the closer your level is to theirs, the more often their spells will work.

For the safest battle, we'd recommend staying in the secret room. Then you can have your melee fighter(s) block the door, while your casters and marksmen hide behind them. By this point in the game, your fighters should have decent resistances, and as long as you can keep them alive, you should be able to wear down Mangoth and the demons. Just don't cast any fire spells at the demons. Fire will heal them, but water spells will do extra damage. You'll earn over 30,000 xp for completing the battle, and it's possible that Mangoth will drop the unique dagger Snakebite when he dies.

With the battle out of the way, you'll finally get a chance to explore the secret room. Inside you'll find Leandra's Diary and a Vial of Leandra's Blood, which you'll need in order to make Death Knights vulnerable.

If you have not yet completed the other important quests in the Luculla Forest -- Find the Witch (which will rescue Icara the White Witch and put her in the Homestead) and Investigating the Mines (during which you can pick up Leandra's Spell) -- then you should target them next. With those quests out of the way, you'll be able to complete this quest in one of two ways. You can return to the Homestead and inform Icara about what you've accomplished in the mines and in the cathedral, or you can simply combine the Vial of Leandra's Blood with Leandra's Spell to create a Death Knight Bane Skillbook. The Death Knight Bane skill will temporarily make Death Knights vulnerable, and all of your characters will be able to use the skillbook to learn it.

1 - Samid

2 - Immaculate Church

3 - Loic's Portal

4 - Immaculate Cathedral