Quest: Closing the Rift

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You'll receive this quest from Zixzax when you approach the rift in Luculla Forest North (#1) or when you enter the Phantom Forest.


Zixzax will warn you that void demons have opened a rift in the Luculla Forest, and that they're using it to stage an attack on the Homestead (which will cause fireballs to rain down from the sky there while the quest is active). To close the rift, you'll need to use a tenebrium weapon to destroy the giant blood stone that is powering it (#2).

If you don't have any tenebrium weapons, then you should wait until you've completed the quest The Troll's Bounty. That quest will show you where you can acquire Tenebrium Ore, and it will also allow you to work with it without catching the Rot. To add tenebrium damage to a weapon, you'll need a Tenebrium skill of at least 3, and you'll need your Crafting and Blacksmithing skills to total at least 5. If that's the case, then combining a weapon with a Tenebrium Bar will add tenebrium damage to it. It won't be a massive amount of damage, but it will be enough to complete the quest. You can also visit Masamune's shop in Sacred Stone, where you'll find a bunch of tenebrium weapons for sale.

There are three paths you can take to reach the blood stone: you can head left (west) and charm or fight (or both) the Immaculates that you meet, or you can sneak through the center of the area, avoiding the patrolling demons, or you can head right (east) and walk over (if you have enough fire resistance) or Tornado the lava. All of the demons in the area will have a Void Aura, which means you won't be able to damage them, even with tenebrium weapons, and so fighting them isn't an option.

You'll only be able to damage the giant blood stone (#2) with a tenebrium weapon. Spell damage will actually heal the stone, so your weapon should deal tenebrium damage but not any sort of elemental damage. There won't be any demons or Immaculates near the stone, so you can take as long as you want to destroy it. Once you've shattered the stone, Zixzax will teleport back to you to congratulate you, and you'll earn 7200 xp for completing the quest. Shattering the stone will also kill off all of the demons in the area, and so you won't need to sneak around anymore to explore it.

1 - Rift Area Entrance

2 - Giant Blood Stone