Quest: Beauty and the Beast

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You'll receive this quest from the troll Fumble in the Luculla Forest (#1).


When Fumble requests that you pay his troll toll, you'll notice that he doesn't seem to be very enthusiastic about his work. If you ask him what's wrong, then he'll tell you that he's lonely, and that he wishes a pretty girl would talk to him. You'll find the perfect girl for Fumble in front of the Pickaxe Tavern in Silverglen (#2) -- Ruby the prostitute (#2). (If you had paid for her services previously, then you'd know that all she does is tell stories.)

When you tell Ruby about Fumble, she'll demand that you pay her 2050 gp. If you agree to this, then she'll head over to Fumble, and you'll be given a chance to have a conversation between your main characters, where you'll get to choose between being Blunt (immunity to charm) or Considerate (charisma +1).

When you return to Fumble, you'll see that Ruby is telling him the story of Red Riding Hood -- with Fumble as the hero. Fumble will be thrilled with this, and he'll pay you back the 2050 gp you had to fork over to Ruby. You'll also earn 1930 xp.

1 - Fumble

2 - Ruby