Quest: Roy's Menagerie

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You'll receive this quest from Roy in Luculla Forest North (#1).


Roy will tell you that he's on his way to Silverglen (or maybe Sacred Stone, he'll mention both) so he can sell his animals to the Immaculates, who always need lots of blood for their Blood Stones. If you have the Pet Pal talent, then you'll be able to warn the animals about their prospective fate, which will earn you 3150 xp. If you inform the rabbit, then he'll simply run off, but the other animals will ask you for help.

There are three ways you can save the animals from Roy: you can beat Roy in a game of rock-paper-scissors (which will earn you 5145 charisma xp), you can pay Roy $1300 for the animals (which will require you to choose between being Altruistic or Egotistical), or you can kill Roy (which will earn you 2865 xp). Regardless of what you choose, you'll earn 3150 xp when the animals are free.

When you deliver the good news to Doreen the cow, she'll ask you what you think the animals should do next. This will give you a chance to be Bold (initiative +1) or Cautious (sneaking +1). If you recommend that the animals look for "legendary pastures," then you'll meet them again in the Phantom Forest. If you recommend that the animals return to Cyseal City, then you'll meet them again in the market. But either way, you'll earn 4500 xp for completing the quest.

Note: If you talk to Doreen at the place where the animals end up, then she'll tell you a secret about the map area she's in.

1 - Roy