Quest: Lost Love at the Lighthouse

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You'll receive this quest from the ghost of Samson, who you'll meet in the basement of the lighthouse in Cyseal West (#1).


Samson will tell you that when he was the keeper of the lighthouse, he suspected that his wife Desdemona was having an affair with her friend Fallador, and so on the night when the two of them were to return home, he left the lighthouse dark, causing their ship to smash against the rocks and all on board to drown. Samson will then reveal that overcome with grief, he killed himself, and that now he keeps the lighthouse functioning as a form of penance.

Samson won't ask you to do anything, but later on in the Black Cove (#2), you'll run into the ghost of Desdemona. She'll tell you about herself, and how she was only friends with Fallador, and she'll be shocked to hear that Samson caused her death. She'll then rush off to the lighthouse to confront him. You'll earn 1050 xp at the end of the conversation.

When you reach the lighthouse yourself, you'll find Samson begging forgiveness from Desdemona, and Desdemona will ask you for your opinion. This will give you a choice between being Compassionate (critical chance +3%) or Heartless (hit chance +20% when backstabbing). Regardless of what you recommend, the two ghosts will leave, and you'll earn 2100 xp.

1 - Lighthouse

2 - Entrance to the Black Cove