Quest: The Legionnaire's Will

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You'll receive this quest from a former legionnaire and current skeleton named Blossius while you're in Cyseal North (#1).


Blossius will tell you that in his current form, he can't go anyway near cities because he'll get attacked. He'll then ask you to deliver a message to his wife Marisa in Silverglen, and he'll hand you Blossius's Will. However, when Blossius gives you the message, he'll warn you that it's private, and he'll ask you not to read it.

If you read Blossius's Will anyway, then you'll learn that Blossius has a locked box stashed away that he wants to leave to his wife. This will trigger a conversation between your main characters, where they'll discuss the possibility of adjusting the will. You'll then have a choice between being Compassionate (critical chance +3%) or Heartless (hit chance +20% when backstabbing).

You'll meet Marisa inside the Pickaxe Tavern in Silverglen (#2). You'll have two choices for what to do:
  • If you decide to alter the will, then you'll need to combine it with an Ink Pot and Quill. This will give you Blossius's Altered Will, and when you hand it over to Marisa, she'll give you a box containing a random (and not necessarily magic) item.

  • If you don't alter the will, then Marisa won't give you anything when you deliver it to her.
But either way, you'll also receive 3375 xp at the end of the quest.

1 - Blossius

2 - The Pickaxe Tavern