Quest: The Wishing Brother

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You'll receive this quest from Walter McWishing Well in Cyseal East (#1).


Walter will tell you that his brother William was kidnapped by King Boreas of Hiberheim, and that he can't grant wishes without him. However, he'll offer to send you to William. If you agree to go, then you'll end up in a small locked-off portion of Hiberheim (#2). William will be there, and when you talk to him, he'll reveal that King Boreas used a transportation scroll to send him here, and that if you were to steal that scroll, then you'd be able to send him back to Walter. This conversation will earn you 5480 xp.

Hiberheim is a Level 12 area, so you won't be able to complete this quest right away. But eventually you'll return to Hiberheim, and while you're there you'll kill King Boreas and gain access to his treasure chamber in Hiberheim Castle. Inside the chamber you'll find the Well Teleportation Scroll, and when you read it while standing next to Walter, he'll teleport back to his brother in Cyseal East.

To complete the quest, you'll just need to return to Cyseal East yourself. When you talk to Walter there, he'll be thrilled that his brother is back, and you'll earn 5460 xp. As a further reward, Walter will allow you to pay for a wish. Your wish will grant you some random loot, with the more you spend increasing the quality and the number of items. At worst you'll be able to sell the loot for more than you give to Walter, so you should always spend the maximum amount (1500 gp).

1 - Walter

2 - William