Quest: The Fabulous Five

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You'll receive this quest from Mendius in Cyseal City (#1) when you join up with the Fabulous Five.


Mendius will tell you that the wizard Arhu created a giant robot to battle the undead. Unfortunately, it managed to "relieve itself of its pilot," and now it's wandering around attacking anything it sees. Mendius will then reveal that the robot can be found in a cave to the north, and he'll ask you to assist the other Fabulous Five members who are trying to destroy it.

Before heading out to the cave, you should talk to Arhu (#2). He'll give you the quest Arhu's Failed Experiment, and he'll hand you the Arhu SparkMaster 5000 Universal Controller, which will give you a few extra ways of dealing with the robot. See the quest entry for Arhu's Failed Experiment more information about the controller.

When you reach the cave (#3), you'll meet a trio of Fabulous Five recruits near the entrance. They'll tell you that their expedition failed, and they'll have some harsh words to say about the Fabulous Five. However, they'll then start following you, and they'll assist you when you encounter the robot.

You'll run into the robot a little farther into the cave. Using the controller, you'll be able to deactivate its weapons, which will make it easy to fight. If you kill the robot (rather than using the controller to cause it to self-destruct), then you'll earn 1545 xp when it dies, and it will drop a few random rare items. Then you'll earn an additional 900 xp when the recruits leave you and return to Cyseal City.

When you return to Cyseal City yourself, you might notice that Mendius and the other Fabulous Five member are no longer there. When you ask Mayor Cecil (#4) about the reward, he'll inform you that the Fabulous Five took it just before they left. However, you will earn 4500 xp for your efforts.

1 - Mendius

2 - Legion Headquarters

3 - Rank Tunnel Entrance

4 - Mayor's House