Quests: An A-mount of Healing Magic and The Escort Job

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While exploring the Luculla Forest, you'll meet Bjorn, his wife Mara, and their beast of burden Alfie resting by a campfire (#1). Bjorn will tell you that they were on their way to Silverglen when they were attacked by bandits. Alfie was able to defeat the ambush all by himself, but he took grievous wounds in the process. Bjorn will then ask you for two things: to find a way to heal Alfie, and to escort them to Silverglen.


An A-mount of Healing Magic

Regular healing won't help Alfie. If you try casting a healing spell on him, then you'll just make Bjorn mad, and you'll lose attitude points with him. The only way to get Alfie travel-ready is to use a Blood Stone on him. You can find Blood Stones in a few places, including inside Pontius Pirate's chest in the Black Cove. When you use the stone on Alfie (by talking to him and using the Blood Stone dialogue option), your main characters will discuss the matter, and you'll get a chance to choose between being Altruistic (reputation +2) or Egotistical (bartering +1). If you decide to heal Alfie with the stone, then you'll earn 1500 xp (plus some extra xp from the stone). If you decide to keep the stone, or if you start the escort while Alfie is still injured, then Alfie will die and you'll fail the quest.

Note: This is one of three places in the game where you'll have to remember what you decided -- what each of your characters wanted to do, plus the result -- later in the game. So be sure to take notes if necessary.

Another Note: If you ask Bjorn if he's ready to start the escort before you've healed Alfie, then your main characters will start talking to each other, and you'll get another chance to choose between being Altruistic or Egotistical.

The Escort Job

When you're ready to start the escort (with or without Alfie), you'll just need to talk to Bjorn. Bjorn and his party will then start walking towards Silverglen, and they'll get ambushed by five Level 9 bandits along the way (#2). Alfie can take care of himself, but Bjorn and Mara are weak, so you'll need to be careful to protect them. You'll earn about 10,000 xp for defeating the bandits. You'll fail the quest if Bjorn gets killed.

When you reach Silverglen (#3), Bjorn will thank you for your help, and you'll receive your reward. If everybody survived, then you'll earn +1 reputation, +100 attitude with Bjorn, and 2250 xp. If Mara or Alfie died, then you'll earn less. Then Bjorn will head over to the smithy (#4), where he'll set up shop. The more people who survived the escort, the more money he'll have, and the better his goods will be.

1 - Campfire

2 - Ambush

3 - Silverglen Entrance

4 - Smithy