Quest: Slaves and Masters

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You'll receive this quest from Frederick in Luculla Forest North (#1).


Frederick will tell you that his imp slave pushed him down a cliff and broke his leg, and he'll ask you to track the imp down so he can exact some revenge. You'll find the imp, Yox, in the back of Maradino's Lair (#2). Yox will be far too scared to face Frederick, and this will give you a chance to choose between being Independent (willpower +1) or Obedient (willpower bonus based on leadership). As a result you'll have two ways that you can finish the quest:
  • If you tell Yox that he has to face the music, then you'll earn 4500 xp, and Yox will make his way to Frederick. When you return to Frederick yourself, you'll witness Frederick killing the imp.

  • If you tell Yox to stay in the lair, then he'll do just that, and you'll earn 3150 xp. To help Yox out, you'll need to brew a Filter of the Fearless Imp. You'll find the recipe for this in the study in Maradino's Lair, and you'll find the two necessary ingredients -- an Apple and a Pumpkin -- in the garden in Maradino's Lair. Creating the filter doesn't require any crafting ability.

    After brewing the filter, the next time you talk to Yox, you'll be able to give it to him. This will earn you 4500 xp. The filter will make Yox feel much more powerful, and he'll charge off towards Frederick. When you return to Frederick yourself, you'll witness Yox taunting Frederick and then running off. Yox will react the same way (without the taunting) even if Frederick is dead.

1 - Frederick

2 - Maradino's Lair

You'll need a character with at least Perception 6 to detect the entrance to the lair (next to the tree).