Quest: Eternal Winter

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You'll receive this quest when you meet Almina in Hiberheim (#1).


Before dying, Almina will warn you that the elements in Hiberheim are unbalanced, and she'll ask you to look into the matter. As you explore Hiberheim, most of the people and creatures you talk to will indicate that King Boreas has gone mad, and that he's the reason for the shift in power.

You'll find King Boreas inside Hiberheim Castle (#5). There are two ways to get to him:
  • The main entrance (#4) will start off blocked by a magical barrier. To remove the barrier, you'll have to defeat four Enlightened Initiates at the Elemental Forge (#6) and pick up the Orders that they drop. The Orders will work like a key on the barrier, allowing you to go through.

  • The side entrance (#3) will be wide open, but to get to it, you'll have to do some "jumping" starting at the ledge facing the castle (#2). From the ledge you'll be able to throw one of your Teleporter Pyramids to an outcropping of land adjacent to the castle, use your other pyramid to jump to it, and then repeat for the next outcropping. After four jumps, you'll gain access to the ramparts of the castle, which will allow you to go through the side entrance.
When you reach King Boreas, he'll reveal that the Conduit gave him an Elemental Staff, which allowed him to imprison the other three elemental monarchs so he'd have complete control. Boreas will then attack you. Boreas has high elemental resistances, so most spell attacks will heal him rather than harm him. The lone exception to this is poison damage. Debilitating spells like Shocking Touch can also work. But for the most part, you'll have to rely on your physical damage dealers to wear him down.

Boreas won't do a lot of damage during his turn, but every so often he'll call on the power of one of the elements, which will cover the ground in that element and also summon an elemental and two elemental fragments to help him out. The adds won't have the same resistances as Boreas, so they should be easy to kill, but it's best to focus on Boreas as much as possible so your party doesn't end up standing in fire or poison. When Boreas dies, he'll drop the Elemental Staff and probably a random legendary item, and you'll earn 11,700 xp,

To complete the quest, you'll need to take the Elemental Staff and use it on the Elemental Forge (#6). This will destroy the staff but free the imprisoned elemental monarchs, which will restore balance to the land. You'll earn 4680 xp for your efforts, and Sua the Fire Monarch will stick around to help you with the quest Find the Witch.

1 - Almina

2 - Ledge

3 - Side Entrance

4 - Main Entrance

5 - King Boreas

6 - Elemental Forge