Quest: Goblin Trouble

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You'll receive this quest from Lawrence in Silverglen (#1).


Lawrence will tell you that goblins have taken over the Luculla Mines, and he'll ask you to deal with the problem. He'll even encourage you to kill the goblin leader Dreksis. However, when you get to the mines (#2), you'll discover that Dreksis isn't really in charge. The Immaculates have taken over the mines, and they're using undead creatures to gather the ore while the goblins are simply kept locked up.

Still, you'll have a couple of ways that you can deal with Dreksis:
  • In the mine office next to the goblin prison, you'll find a detonator. Triggering it will cause all of the oil drums in the goblin prison to explode, killing all of the goblins, including Dreksis.

  • You can release the goblins by pulling the lever next to their prison. However, instead of thanking you, Dreksis and the other goblins will attack you, and you'll earn over 15,000 xp for defeating them.
When Dreksis dies, he'll drop Dreksis' Head, which you'll need to pick up as proof of his death. When you show the head to Lawrence, he'll either be dismayed that the mines are infested with the undead, or he'll be upset that the mines have been destroyed (depending upon where you are in the game), and either way he won't give you a reward. But you'll still receive 3500 xp for your efforts.

1 - Lawrence's Office

2 - Luculla Mines