Quest: Rogue Dread Lords

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You'll receive this quest from Mikas in the Luculla Mines (#1).


Mikas will rant about the "Hell Lords" (aka Death Knights) who are patrolling the mines -- "Their eyes shine with demon mania!" he'll exclaim -- but he won't tell you what they are, where they are, or how they can be defeated. As you continue to explore the mines, you'll see that the Death Knights have killed numerous Immaculates, and that other Immaculates have hidden themselves in out-of-the-way places, like the mine office (#2).

The best way to complete the quest is to talk to Kaden (#3). He'll tell you a lot about the Death Knights, including why they're attacking the Immaculates. You can also complete the quest (or maybe fail the quest) when you run into Leandra (#4). She won't say anything about the Death Knights, but during your short conversation with her, the quest will move from active to completed. You won't earn any xp for finishing the quest, regardless of who you talk to.

1 - Mikas

2 - Mine Office

3 - Kaden

4 - Leandra