Quest: Miner Control

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You'll receive this quest in the Luculla Mines when you spot an undead Enchanted Miner.


When you see the undead miners, you'll wonder just who is controlling them. You'll eventually find out when you come to a group of Immaculates guarding a Bone Totem (#2). Jaline, the leader of the Immaculates, will challenge you to a game of rock-paper-scissors when she spots you. If you win, then you'll earn 5460 charisma xp. If you lose, then the Immaculates will attack you. You'll have to fight the Immaculates regardless, but you might as well try to pick up the charisma xp bonus first.

You'll earn over 20,000 xp for defeating the Immaculates, and when you destroy the Bone Totem, the Enchanted Miners will stop being compelled to mine, and they'll congregate near the entrance to the mines (#3). When you talk to them there, you'll learn that one of the Conduit's passcodes is "Sadakandras." Then the miners will depart for the Hall of Echoes, and you'll earn 4550 xp for completing the quest.

1 - Cave-In

Destroying this cave-in will give you an easy route to the Bone Totem (#2).

2 - Bone Totem

3 - Enchanted Miners