Quest: The Preacher of Earthly Delights

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You'll receive this quest from the ghost of Ebenezer in the graveyard in Cyseal East (#1).


Ebenezer will claim that wandering around Rivellon as a ghost is much more fun than spending eternity in the Hall of Echoes. He'll also mention that before his ship sank, he used to share his stories with a scrappy tomcat named Oscar. Oscar is the same as Unsinkable Sam, who you might have met in the King Crab Inn in Cyseal City (#2).

Note: Depending on where you are in the quest Kitty Love, Sam might be by the fireplace in the inn, by the stairs in the inn, or in the town hall (#3).

When you talk to Sam (which requires the Pet Pal talent), you'll learn that Ebenezer has a "shadow side," and that he used to perform all manner of unspeakable acts, including necrophilia, cannibalism, and murder. When you confront Ebenezer with this information, you'll be given a choice between being Spiritual (immunity to fear) or Materialistic (loremaster +1):
  • If you allow Ebenezer to stay as a ghost, then you'll earn 2160 xp, and Ebenezer will summon a random treasure chest for you.

  • If you demand that Ebenezer move on, then he and the other ghosts will attack you, and you'll earn 7725 xp for defeating them.
Either action will successfully complete the quest.

1 - Ebenezer

2 - King Crab Inn

3 - Town Hall