Quest: The Talking Statues

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You'll receive this quest in Cyseal South when you read the Traveler's Journal found on a corpse (#1).


From the journal you'll learn that the dead man met some "whimsical" statues who convinced him that he could fly -- when his corpse offers evidence to the contrary. Then in Cyseal City you'll meet another man who received poor advice from the statues (#2). He'll tell you that they convinced him that burning all of his possessions would make him more spiritual, but that all he became was poor. Finally, you can talk to a crab named Pincer (#3), provided you have the Pet Pal talent. Pincer will tell you about a pearl diver who drowned after he was told by the statues that he'd be able to breathe underwater.

You'll discover the statues not far from Pincer in Cyseal North (#4). There will be four of them, one for each element. If you talk to the statues, then the air and fire ones will lie to you, the earth one will show you an amusing truth, and the water one will reveal that demons have been imprisoned inside the statues, and that they're guarding the entrance to a nearby cave (Exit A).

To defeat the statues, you'll need to hit them with their "preferred element" -- air, earth, fire or water. Spells can do this (even non-damaging spells like Rain), and elemental bonuses on your weapons can get the job done, too. Hitting a statue with the right element will cause its imprisoned demon to appear, which will start a battle. Each time you kill a demon, it will drop some random loot plus an Essence, and you'll also earn over 1000 xp. Defeating all four demons will complete the quest and earn you 2100 xp, and the cave will open up so you can go inside.

1 - Corpse

2 - Beggar

3 - Pincer

4 - Watcher Statues

  1. Entrance to the Primordial Cave.