Quest: The Mad Mage's Maze

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You'll receive this quest from Bellegar when you click on the huge pile of gold in the Phantom Forest.


When Bellegar gives you the quest, he'll also give you a new rift travel destination -- Bellegar's Maze. When you arrive at that location, you'll discover a large 9x9 game board (#2) where each of its squares save one will have a bone, a piece of cheese, or a herring on it. The last square will contain a chicken.

To play the game, you'll need to operate the three levers on the eastern side of the board (#1). From left to right, these levers will change the animal on the board to a cat, a dog, or a rat. When you swap in a new animal, it will begin traveling to squares containing its preferred food. Cats will travel to herring squares, dogs will travel to bone squares, and rats will travel to cheese squares.

What you'll need to do is guide the animals to the three lighted squares on the southern, western, and northern sides of the board. Each time you reach one of the lighted squares, one of the locked doors in the cave (#3) will open, granting you access to a treasure chamber.

The layout of the game is random, so we can't give you an exact solution. We can just give you a basic strategy: find where the animal is, then look at the food items around it, and then switch to the animal that might take you closer to your current destination square. The animals won't always go where you want them to, but there isn't a time limit for the game, so as long as you can keep moving the animals in the right direction, you should eventually solve it. It's also useful to know that you can switch an animal while it's moving, just in case it starts heading in the wrong direction.

When you complete the puzzle, you'll earn 11,475 xp, and you'll also be allowed to loot the three treasure chambers (#3), where you'll find lots of gp and at least two legendary items.

1 - Controls

2 - Game Board

3 - Locked Doors

  1. Waypoint portal.