Quest: Infiltrating Hunter's Edge

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You'll receive this quest from Hortun in the Phantom Forest (#1).


Hortun will warn you that Hunter's Edge isn't the "pastoral little paradise it once was," and that Immaculate humans and orcs have taken over. When you reach the front gate of the village (#2), you'll see that this is true. Three Immaculate guards out front will stop you and encourage you to go away. You'll have three ways to get past them:
  • You can show the guards an Enlightened Amulet, which you can pick up from an Immaculate Slave Master in the Phantom Forest (#3).

  • You can beat the guards in a game of rock-paper-scissors. This will earn you 8160 xp.

  • You can kill the guards. This will earn you over 15,000 xp. Nobody in the village will notice if you choose this option. One of the guards will drop a Key, which will allow you to open the gate.
When you go through the front gate into Hunter's Edge, you'll earn 4535 xp for completing the quest.

1 - Hortun

2 - Hunter's Edge Front Gate

3 - Slave Master