Quest: Distill My Heart

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You'll receive this quest when you read the book The Art of Whiskey, found in the basement of Glen's House in Hunter's Edge (#1).


The book will give you instructions for distilling whiskey:
  1. Acquire a Sack of Barley from the farm just to the west of Hunter's Edge (#2). You can get the barley from the plants surrounding the scarecrow there.

  2. Use the Sack of Barley on the grinder in the mill (#3) to create a Sack of Grist.

  3. Pick up the Bucket next to the well (#4) and use it on the well to create a Bucket with Water.

  4. Combine the Bucket with Water with the Sack of Grist to create Wort.

  5. Use the Wort on the Pot Still in the basement of Glen's House to create Spirit. Completing this step will earn you 4080 xp.

  6. Give the Spirit to Zixzax in the Homestead. He'll magically age it to produce 30-Year Old Whiskey. Completing this step will earn you another 4080 xp.
Once you have the whiskey, you'll just need to deliver it to Hershel in the tavern (#5). You won't get any sort of a payment for this, but you'll earn 8160 xp for completing the quest, and all the orcs in Hunter's Edge will become drunk, making them easier to defeat in battle.

1 - Glen's House

2 - Farm

3 - Mill

4 - Well

5 - Tavern