Quest: The Scaredy Pact

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There are two ways to trigger this quest. You can receive it from Captain Aureus in Cyseal City (#1), or you can start it by finding the dead soldiers with the Orders from Aureus while exploring Cyseal West (#2).


From Aureus or the Orders, you'll learn that soldiers were sent out to investigate the lighthouse (#4), since it might be a possible source of the undead. On your way there, you'll meet the legionnaires Lucia and Mallius (#3). They'll tell you that the other five soldiers in their party are dead, and they'll ask you to investigate the lighthouse for them. You'll earn 180 xp at the end of the conversation.

When you reach the lighthouse (#4), you'll get attacked by three Lupine Horrors, two Undead Archers, an Exploskeleton, and The-Ghoul-That-Guards-the-Lighthouse. This battle can be tough early in the game. We'd recommend waiting on your first turn and then teleporting the Exploskeleton onto one of the archers to take them both out (and maybe damage the ghoul as well). Then you should kill the three horrors (who are fairly wimpy) and gang up on the ghoul. The ghoul can resurrect the horrors, so you might want to keep a melee character near your ranged characters to protect them. You'll earn 1500 xp when the ghoul dies, and it will drop a handful of random items, plus the unique club Clobbering Time.

In the basement of the lighthouse, you'll meet the ghost of Samson. He'll tell you his sad story, and he'll also reveal that while skeletons sometimes wander by the lighthouse, that's not where they originate from. Learning this information will earn you 200 xp.

When you return to Lucia and Mallius (#3), you'll have to decide if you want to tell them anything or not. This will give you a choice between being Altruistic (reputation +2) or Egotistical (bartering +1):
  • If you don't tell the legionnaires anything, then the quest will end and you won't receive a reward.

  • If you tell the legionnaires what you learned, then they'll run back to Captain Aureus, and when you get back to him as well, he'll ask you to verify their exaggerated version of events. This will give you a choice between being Blunt (immunity to charm) or Considerate (charisma +1). If you tell Aureus what really happened, then you'll earn 3000 xp. If you confirm the legionnaires' lies, then you'll earn 6300 xp. Either way, you'll also earn a point of reputation.

1 - Legion Headquarters

2 - Dead Soldiers

3 - Lucia and Mallius

4 - Lighthouse