Quest: War of the Stones

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You'll receive this quest from Jahrl in the warehouse in Hunter's Edge (#3).


When you ask Jahrl about his tribe's missing Blood Stones, he'll tell you that they were stolen from the armoury (#2) during the night, and that the human Garrick who was guarding them hasn't been seen since. Jahrl will add that Grutilda and the orcs claim to believe that Garrick stole the Blood Stones, but Jahrl will suspect that it was really the orcs, and he'll ask you to look for proof.

When you head over to the armoury, you won't find anything interesting inside (other than a chest you can loot), but outside you'll detect some blood stains leading east. If you follow this trail, then it will take you to Buril (#5), who you might have to fight, and then the King's Tomb (#6), where it will end at a grate in front of the entrance. When you click on the grate, you'll earn 4080 xp.

You won't be able to enter the tomb via the grate. You'll have to enter it via the front gate, which will require you to pull three nearby levers. Two of the levers are plainly visible, but the one to the west will require you to walk through an illusionary tree to get to it.

Inside the tomb, you'll encounter some guardians and a lightning trap. Please refer to the King's Tomb location entry for information about how to deal with these obstacles. Then in the back of the tomb, you'll come to Garrick's body. When you loot it you'll find a Broken-Off Horn, which will convince you that the orcs really were behind the theft.

When you return with the horn to Jahrl, you'll earn 4080 xp, and Jahrl and his men will rush off to the tavern (#4) to challenge Grutilda to a fight. This development will thrill Grutilda, and she'll use the stolen Blood Stones to convert some of her orcs into Dread Orc Slayers. The two sides will then start fighting each other, and you'll be on the side of the humans (although you can try to keep out of the fighting if you want).

Note: Before showing the horn to Jahrl, if you ask Hornless Gorag (#1) what he knows about the robbery, then you'll trigger a game of rock-paper-scissors. If you win the game, then you'll earn 6800 charisma xp, and Gorag will admit to killing Garrick. However, nothing will come of this.

Another Note: Triggering the battle between the humans and orcs will break most of the side quests triggered in Hunter's Edge. So make sure you complete them first.

After the battle, when you talk to any of the surviving humans, you'll earn 10,800 xp and a point of reputation for completing the quest. The surviving humans will then leave Hunter's Edge and head for greener pastures.

1 - Hornless Gorag

2 - Armoury

3 - Warehouse

4 - Tavern

5 - Buril

6 - King's Tomb