Quest: A Shell on the Beach

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You'll receive this quest from the talking clam Ishmashell in Cyseal South (#1).


Ishmashell will ask you to throw him into the "great aquatic mother" -- that is, the ocean -- and he'll promise you a reward if you do. However, you'll ponder that a talking clam might be valuable, and so you'll have two ways of completing the quest:
  • If you toss Ishmashell into the ocean, then he'll summon a random treasure chest to you.

  • If you keep Ishmashell, then you'll put him in your inventory, and you'll be able to sell him for about 150 gp, which is roughly the same as the value of the chest from the other option.
Regardless of what you decide to do, you'll also earn 100 xp.

Note: Deciding what to do with Ishmashell will give your characters a chance to be Altruistic (+2 reputation) or Egotistical (+1 bartering).

1 - Ishmashell