Quest: Warming the Crowd

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You'll receive this quest from Gallagher (#1) or Cedric (#2) in Cyseal City.


If you talk to Cedric first, then he'll tell you that people used to watch his show, but that now they prefer Reginald because of his "fantastic prop" -- a talking skull. If you head over to Reginald's stage (#1), then you'll see that he has one fan named Gallagher who just can't get enough, and who continually shouts out his pleasure. When you talk to Gallagher, you'll learn that Reginald has been paying him to "warm" the crowd.

When you relay this information to Cedric, he'll ask you to hire Gallagher to work for him instead. However, Gallagher won't want to leave his cushy job, so you'll have to convince him using the rock-paper-scissors mini-game. If you're successful in this, then you'll earn 130 xp plus some charisma xp, and all of the people who had been watching Reginald will flock to Cedric instead. If you're not successful convincing Gallagher, then you'll fail the quest, and you won't receive anything..

1 - Reginald and Gallagher

2 - Cedric