Quest: The Legend of the Weresheep
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You'll trigger this quest when you read the book The Legend of the Weresheep, which you can find in a grave in Cyseal East.


The book will indicate that there is only one weresheep left in existence, and that information about it can be found in the Realm of Faery. You'll find this information in the treasure chamber of Hiberheim Castle in the form of a scroll called The Last Weresheep. It will direct you to seek a "cave of portals" belonging to the Immaculates.

While you're hunting for the cave, you'll probably discover Maradino's Lair in Luculla Forest North. In the study there, you'll find a Weresheep Recipe that will give you instructions for creating a powerful set of armor.

The "cave of portals" is also located in Luculla Forest North, in the Underground Passage there. You'll have to solve a puzzle while you're in the passage, and in the process you should notice a hidden mound next to a teleporter. When you dig up the mound, you'll meet the spirit of the weresheep. If you have the Pet Pal talent, then when you talk to the spirit, it will reveal that its body likes hanging out in the Phantom Forest next to a tree with "strange, floating words" around it, and that the body likes Stardust.

You'll find the strange tree in the northern part of the Phantom Forest, not far from Cassandra's throne. The tree will have blue, glowing runes on it, and if you click on it then you'll see kickstarter contributor messages. If you drop some Stardust next to the tree, then the weresheep will appear and start a conversation with you, and you'll get three ways to acquire its wool: you can buy it for 1 gp (this option seems to be unintentional), you can kill the weresheep for it (the weresheep is tough, but you'll earn 12,600 xp for killing it), or you can beat the weresheep in a game of rock-paper-scissors. Regardless, you'll end up with Weresheep Wool.

To complete the quest, you'll just need to follow the Weresheep Recipe by taking the Weresheep Wool to the Elemental Forge in Hiberheim. When you drag the wool onto the forge, you'll receive Weresheep Armour, Weresheep Boots, Weresheep Bracers, and a Weresheep Helmet.