Location: Underground Passage

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The Underground Passage is a puzzle area. After making your way through a short tunnel, you'll find yourself in a chamber (#2) surrounded by three teleporters (Exits C, D and E). Two of the teleporters (Exits C and E) will take you to a second chamber (#4), while the other one (Exit D) will take you back to the start. In the second chamber, you'll find three more teleporters (Exits F, G and H). They'll all take you back to the start.

What you'll need to do for the puzzle is figure out how the teleporters are linked together. The easiest way to do this is to just go through all of the possibilities. Eventually you'll figure out that when you go through Exit C followed by Exit H, then Exit C will switch from "red" to "green." Similarly, you'll figure out that if you go through Exit E followed by Exit F, then Exit E will switch from "red" to "green" as well.

With two "green" teleporters flanking it, Exit D will start taking you to the second chamber instead of the first, and with only one teleporter left, it should be easy to figure out that Exit D is linked to Exit G. When you go through Exit D followed by Exit G, you'll end up in the secret library (Exit I), where you'll meet the "eternal Immaculate spirit" (#6). The spirit will allow you to take one hard-to-find skillbook -- an Arrow Spray Skillbook, an Eroding Strike Skillbook, or a Lightning Bolt Skillbook -- but that's it. When you make your choice, the other two skillbooks will disappear. You'll also discover an ornate chest in the library (#7), plus probably way more shelves of books than you'd ever want to loot.

When you're done in the library, the teleporter there (Exit I) will take you back to the starting room (#2), where you'll be able to make your way back to the exit from the passage (Exit A).

1 - Iron Deposit

2 - Starting Point, First Chamber

3 - Curtained Doorway

4 - Starting Point, Second Chamber

5 - Hidden Mound

If you detect the hidden mound here, then when you dig it up you'll meet the spirit of the weresheep. This is a step in the quest The Legend of the Weresheep.

6 - Spirit and Skillbooks

7 - Ornate Chest

Inside this ornate chest, you'll find a Dusty Parchment, which will give you one of the clues for opening the Last Chest in the Homestead.

  1. Exit to Luculla Forest North.
  2. Ladder.
  3. Teleporter.
  4. Teleporter.
  5. Teleporter.
  6. Teleporter.
  7. Teleporter.
  8. Teleporter.
  9. Teleporter.