Location: Cyseal North

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1 - Broken-Down Cart

You'll encounter a trio of zombies (including Rob Zombie) at the cart. After defeating them, when you loot the bale of hay from the cart, you'll find a random magical ring inside.

2 - Blossius and Livia

You'll meet the (friendly) skeletons Blossius and Livia here. They're involved in the quests The Legionnaire's Will, Legionnaires at the Church, and The Undead Scourge.

3 - Burning Chest

When you reach this spot, you'll earn an exploration xp bonus, and you'll discover a burning chest. If you try to open the chest, then you'll learn that it's "too hot." To cool it off, you'll just need to cast a Rain spell on it. However, when you do this, the chest will flee, and you'll have to chase it down the path and into a corner of Cyseal West (#3a). When you try to open the chest a second time, an Exploskeleton will jump out. The easiest way to kill it is to Teleport it somewhere. When you try to open the chest a third time, you'll finally find some random loot inside.

4 - Chests

If you walk up the river to this secluded area, then you'll find a skeleton and two chests.

5 - Purple Tree

If you have enough Perception, then you'll detect a hidden treasure chest next to the tree. You'll need a Shovel to dig it up. This is one of the secrets Doreen can tell you about at the end of the quest Roy's Menagerie.

6 - Seaside Thug Camp

You'll receive an exploration xp bonus when you enter the camp. You'll also have to battle a group of Seaside Thugs.

7 - Hidden Mounds

You'll discover a hidden mound at each of these locations. You'll need a Shovel to dig them up. Inside each mound you'll find a chest containing some random equipment.

Note: If you purchased and read the Treasure Maps from Gerome in Cyseal City, then the mounds will be labeled on your map.

8 - Watcher Statues

The Watcher Statues are involved in the quest The Talking Statues. Dealing with them will allow you to enter the Primordial Cave (Exit G). In one of the coal baskets by the statues you'll find a key. This will allow you to unlock the chest hidden behind the earth statue.

9 - Pincer

At this spot you'll meet a talking crab named Pincer. If you have the Pet Pal talent, then you'll be able to ask Pincer about the nearby corpse on the beach, and you'll learn that it was yet another victim of the Watcher Statues (#8). After talking to Pincer, you'll get an opportunity to have your main characters converse, which will allow you to choose between being Cautious (sneaking +1) or Bold (initiative +1).

10 - Dietmar

Dietmar is involved in the quest Cecil's Mighty Staff. When he spots you coming, he and the two thugs with him will attack you. Then during the battle itself, more thugs will show up, and you'll have to defeat around seven in total. Dietmar will drop the Staff of Pergamon when he dies.

11 - Twins-by-Fire-Joined

At this spot you'll encounter the boss Twins-by-Fire-Joined. He'll have some skeletons and a Charred-Bone Idol helping him out. The Twins will hit you hard and cast some fire spells, and the Idol will debuff you and resurrect fallen skeletons. All of the enemies will be healed by fire and take extra damage from water, so concentrate on water spells if you have them. Summoning a water elemental is an especially good idea.

Note: The Twins will release some lava when it dies, so try to finish it off with spells or summoned creatures while your melee characters get out of the way.

After the battle you'll find several random magical items dropped by the Twins, and you'll also be able to loot an ornate chest at the base of the Idol.

12 - Corpses

At this spot you'll discover three "unidentified" corpses. When you get close enough to them, you'll trigger the Star Stone they had with them, which will heal your party, give you some xp, and possibly unlock a portal in the Homestead (or send you to the Homestead directly if this is somehow your first Star Stone). The corpses will also have Cultist's Orders, meaning they're probably the three robed figures you met outside Cyseal Temple at the start of the game.

13 - Zombie Troll

If you haven't done so yet, it's useful to pick up the book How to Speak Troll, Zombie Edition before talking to the Zombie Troll here. You'll find it in the graveyard in Cyseal East.

The troll will ask you for its toll. If you say "grak," then the troll will allow you to pass for free. If you say anything else, then the troll will attack you, and you'll earn some xp when it dies.

  1. Path to Cyseal West.
  2. Path to Cyseal City.
  3. Path to Cyseal East.
  4. Path to the Luculla Forest.
  5. Entrance to the Rank Tunnel. Several undead creatures will be guarding the entrance.
  6. Exit from the Rank Tunnel.
  7. Entrance to the Primordial Cave. You'll need to deal with the four Watcher Statues outside the cave (#8) in order to go inside.
  8. Entrance to Evelyn's Hideout. To make the entrance appear, you'll need to read the Reveal Spell, which you'll find in Evelyn's house in Cyseal City. Reaching the exposed entrance will earn you an exploration xp bonus.
  9. Waypoint portal.