Location: Troll King's Cave

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1 - Troll Statue

When you first enter the cave, this statue will block your way. Later, after you've picked up Maradino's Secret Files from Maradino's Lair, you'll be able to remove the statue by reading the secret files while you're standing in the mushroom ring outside the cave.

Note: If you took all of the mushrooms previously, then you should notice a ring of dirt surrounding a bit of green grass outside the cave. The grassy area is where you should stand when you read the files.

2 - Funder

When you get close enough to Funder, he'll stop you and joke that you'll get the same treatment as Maradino. If you ask him what he means, then you'll trigger a game of rock-paper-scissors. If Funder wins the game, then he'll attack you, and you'll earn 1800 xp for killing him. If you win the game, then you'll earn 6000 xp, and Funder will explain that King Gungir (#5) doesn't like visitors, and that if he spots you then he'll assume you're thieves and attack you.

3 - Primitive Palisade

This palisade can be destroyed, giving you an extra route around the edge of the cave.

4 - Skeleton

When your main characters reach this skeleton, they'll speculate that it must be what's left of Maradino.

5 - King Gungir

While King Gungir might look like a big, bad melee boss, he'll actually cast geomancer spells at you. If you can pick off the troll guards during their patrols so that the king doesn't have any assistance when you fight him, then you shouldn't have too much trouble with him. You'll earn 6000 xp when Gungir dies, and he'll probably drop a legendary item and more.

6 - Tenebrium Ore Deposits

You'll find four Tenebrium Ore deposits in this back part of the cave. If you need one, you'll also find a Pickaxe nearby.

$ - Treasure Chests

  1. Exit to Luculla Forest South.