Location: Immaculate Cathedral

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1 - Illusionary Wall

To make the brick wall here disappear, you'll need to light the four nearby coal baskets.

2 - Mangoth

When you approach this spot, you'll witness an Immaculate named Mangoth preparing to sacrifice some victims so he can use their blood to convert a Star Stone to a Blood Stone. When Mangoth spots you, he won't be thrilled -- in fact, he'll call you a "blemish" -- but instead of attacking you, he'll summon a pair of demons, and he'll flee to the chamber below. You'll then have to fight the demons plus a pair of Immaculate marksmen. The demons will get healed by fire spells, but otherwise the battle should not be too bad if you're at least level 15.

Note: When you get close enough to the Star Stone, you'll trigger it, which will give you xp and heal your party. So you might want to run up to it if the battle starts going badly.

3 - Lever

This lever will move the altar and reveal the stairs down to the lower chamber (Exit B).

4 - Librarian

You'll meet the ghost of the librarian sitting in the chair here. She won't believe you if you tell her that King Braccus is dead, but she will give you a hint for how to open the altar (Exit B) -- "Have a look behind the pillars, maybe." The librarian will also sell you a few things, including sometimes legendary items.

5 - Illusionary Wall

To remove the wall here, you'll need to find the four buttons in the area (#6-9) and press them in the right order. There are two clues for this puzzle:
  • If you read The Necronomicon of Cooking (#10), then you'll see that it teaches you "rare secrets to open a hidden world of success," and that it was written by E.N.S. West. That is, you should press the eastern button, then the northern button, then the southern button, and finally the western button.

  • If you look at the compass in the room (#11), then you'll see that its north is actually pointing east. So the hint from the book is really telling you to press the southern button (#6), then the eastern button (#7), then the western button (#8), and finally the northern button (#9).
When you enter the room beyond the illusionary wall, you'll earn an exploration xp bonus, but then Mangoth will return, and after a brief conversation (during which he'll reveal that the Immaculates are seeking the return of the Void, just in case you didn't know that already), he'll summon five demons and attack you.

The battle against Mangoth is intended to be the final battle in the Luculla Forest portion of the game. If that's when you fight him, then you'll probably have an easy time. But if you go into the Cathedral early, then things might be much tougher. Mangoth and the demons will all cast spells -- burning you, freezing you, knocking you down, blinding you, and more -- and the closer your level is to theirs, the more often their spells will work.

For the safest battle, we'd recommend staying in the secret room. Then you can have your melee fighter(s) block the door, while your casters and marksmen hide behind them. By this point in the game, your fighters should have decent resistances, and as long as you can keep them alive, you should be able to wear down Mangoth and the demons. Just don't cast any fire spells at the demons. Fire will heal them, but water spells will do extra damage. You'll earn over 30,000 xp for completing the battle, and it's possible that Mangoth will drop the unique dagger Snakebite when he dies.

With the battle out of the way, you'll finally get a chance to explore the secret room. You'll find some useful things inside: all of the Books of the Immaculates (in case you want to know more about the religion), Leandra's Diary (which will explain how the Death Knights can be stopped), and a Vial of Leandra's Blood (which you can combine with Leandra's Spell to create a Death Knight Bane Skillbook).

6 - Button

7 - Button

8 - Button

9 - Button

10 - The Necronomicon of Cooking

11 - Compass

  1. Exit to Luculla Forest North.
  2. Stairs between the upper and lower chambers. Before you can use the stairs, you'll have to move the altar out of the way (see #3).