Location: Silverglen

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1 - Arhu

When you first arrive in Silverglen, you'll meet Arhu around here. He'll be in his cat form, and he'll warn you that "something sinister simmers beneath the tranquil surface of this settlement," and that Loic (#2) seems to know more than most. Arhu will then encourage you to infiltrate the Immaculates so you can learn more about them.

2 - Immaculate Church

Inside this church you'll meet Loic, an "Enlightened One" among the Immaculates. When you ask him about joining the Immaculates, he'll give you the quest The Initiation. During that quest, Loic and the miners will leave the church, allowing you to loot it in peace.

Eventually you'll have to kill Loic, and he'll drop the key to the hatch in the church. Going through the hatch will take you to Loic's office, where you'll find two Blood Stones and a portal to Luculla Forest North. The portal will give you an easy route to the town of Sacred Stone. You'll earn an exploration xp bonus for visiting Loic's office.

3 - Nadia's Shop

You'll meet Nadia and her son Sebi in this shop. Nadia is involved in the quest The Naked Truth, and she'll have a variety of goods for sale. After completing The Naked Truth, Nadia will allow you to take anything you want that is on display in her shop (the items will change from "red" to "white"), which will make it easy to loot her shop and her living quarters, including her basement (you'll find the key to the basement hanging up in her shop). You won't discover much of interest in the basement, but if you kill the rat down there, then you'll earn 1350 xp rather than the regular 90 xp.

4 - Smithy

You'll find all of the smithy equipment -- anvil, forge and whetstone -- either in or behind the smithy. You'll also find some miscellaneous objects and a chest that you can loot. Eventually, after completing the quest The Escort Job, Bjorn will move into the smithy, and he'll become a merchant for weapons and armor.

At some point during the game (probably after you've completed the Luculla Mines), the goblin merchant Kadraskaz will come down from Luculla Forest North and park himself next to the smithy. If you beat Kadraskaz in a game of rock-paper-scissors, then you'll earn 4500 charisma xp, and you'll learn that the spider queen likes "sweet-talk."

Kadraskaz will have a loadbeast with him named Ralfie, who will look just like Bjorn's loadbeast Alfie. If you talk to Ralfie (this will require you to have the Pet Pal talent), then he'll beg you to kill his master, who he'll call a "cruel and ruthless beast." This request will give you a chance to become more Blunt (immunity to charm) or Considerate (charisma +1). If you decide to help Ralfie out, then you'll earn 9000 xp for defeating Kadraskaz, and Ralfie will tell you that the key to controlling the goblins is to sneak into the totem in their village and give them orders from there.

5 - Love Letter

On the ground here you'll find a Love Letter from Ramon (#6) to Loic (#2). If your Perception is high enough, then you'll also detect a hidden mound containing the Rotten Remains of Anna. This is apparently the same Anna who you might have met in the King Crab Inn in Cyseal City. The Love Letter and body won't trigger any new quests or dialogue; they're just background information.

6 - The Pickaxe Tavern

You can meet lots of interesting people inside and just outside this tavern. The most important are listed below:
  • Aramintai (ground floor in the front hall). He'll sell you Expert Marksman skillbooks.

  • Bicky and Bonnie (upstairs). Bicky is an exploskeleton. He's holding Bonnie hostage. When you enter their room, you'll trigger the quest "Bicky the Bomber," and you'll have to choose between being Bold (initiative +1) or Cautious (Sneaking +1). If you manage to defeat Bicky while keeping Bonnie alive (the easiest way is to teleport Bicky somewhere), then you'll earn 1930 xp plus a point of reputation. If you fail, then you'll lose a point of reputation.

    Afterwards, assuming Bonnie survives, she'll head downstairs to the common room and sit by the fire. If you talk to her there, then she'll tell you about Frederick, the man who sicced Bicky on her, and how he's obsessed with a treasure lair belonging to somebody named Maradino. You'll eventually find Frederick and Maradino's Lair in Luculla Forest North.

  • Ellary (ground floor in the common room). She'll sell you a little bit of everything.

  • Elwyn (ground floor in the common room). She'll sell you potions.

  • Hiver (ground floor in the front hall). He'll sell you Man-at-Arms skillbooks.

  • Marisa (ground floor, wandering around). She'll sell you food and drinks. She's also involved in the quest The Legionnaire's Will.

  • Mikhail Solomatin (ground floor in the common room). He'll sell you crafting materials.

  • Paul (ground floor in the common room). He's the bartender, and he'll sell you Mugs of Beer. He can also give you background information on a variety of topics.

  • Rosa and Ramon (standing in front of the tavern). They're prostitutes. It'll cost you 250 gp to take advantage of their services. If you hire Rosa, then she'll take you to the upper floor of the tavern... and read you a story. If you hire Ramon, then he'll take you to the upper floor of the tavern, demand that your companions leave you alone, strip off your clothes... and then attack you! This battle can be difficult, so it's a good idea to have the rest of your party nearby so they can help out (they might need to bash down the brothel room door to join the fight though). At the end of the battle you'll receive 2750 xp, and you'll find your gear in the locked chest in the corner. Ramon will drop the key to the chest.

  • Trethon (ground floor in the front hall). He'll sell you arrows and arrow ingredients.

  • Vometia (ground floor on the northern side). She'll sell you Scoundrel skillbooks, Witchcraft skillbooks, thieving supplies, and more.
You can also visit the basement of the tavern. You'll find the hatch leading down to it underneath the staircase on the main floor. In the basement, you'll find yourself in a room with a button on one wall and a hole right next to it, but you won't have an obvious way of reaching the other rooms (which you'll be able to see through the hole). There are two ways to do it. If you place a Teleporter Pyramid on the floor right next to the hole, and then throw the pyramid through the hole, then you'll be able to teleport to the other side of the wall (for some reason throwing the pyramid from your inventory won't work). If you press the button on the wall, then it will reveal a hatch in the room behind the bartender on the main floor, and using it will take you down to the other part of the basement. You'll receive an exploration xp bonus for exploring the rest of the basement, but you won't find much to loot there other than one ornate chest.

7 - Stable

Inside the stable you'll meet Hassat and Windemere. Hassat will sell you Geomancer and Pyrokinetic skillbooks. Windemere will sell you Aerotheurge and Hydrosophist skillbooks.

8 - Lawrence's Office

Lawrence is the Mining Guild representative in Silverglen. When you enter his office the first time, you'll witness him ordering Brandon -- very strongly -- to get the goblins out of his mine. Brandon will then vacate the office and head to the courtyard in front of the tavern (#7). When you talk to Lawrence, he'll encourage you to help with the goblins as well, which will trigger the quest Goblin Trouble. Lawrence is also involved in the quest The Naked Truth.

Meanwhile, when you track down Brandon outside, he'll inform you that he's the mine overseer, and that he's tired of his job. He'll then ask you if you'd like to help him with his "retirement plan." This will give you a choice between being Bold (initiative +1) or Cautious (sneaking +1). If you listen to Brandon's plan, then you'll trigger the quest The Troll's Bounty, and Brandon will give you a Blood Stone Cage, which will allow the character who holds it to pick up tenebrium without catching the Rot.

The key in Lawrence's office will allow you to open a door in the Luculla Mines.

  1. Waypoint portal.