Location: Witch's Grotto

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1 - Closet

This closet (which looks more like a trunk to us) will start out locked. You'll find the key for it on a table in the room to the east. Inside the closet you'll discover a Tattered Diary. It will disclose that the White Witch was anticipating trouble, and that she was able to hide something in a chest. You'll find the chest on the eastern side of the grotto (#8).

2 - Secret Door

To open this door, you'll just need to detect and press the button to the left of it.

3 - Iron Veins

4 - Hidden Mounds

With enough Perception you'll detect the hidden mounds at these locations. However, they'll only have Earth Tongue Mushrooms in them.

5 - Silver Veins

6 - Puddles

When you pass by these puddles, someone will use them to talk to you. This will trigger the quest The Lady in the Lake.

7 - Immaculate Camp

You'll encounter three Immaculates in this camp. When you arrive, they'll be butchering a boar named Thuringer. If you can defeat the Immaculates while keeping Thuringer alive, then afterwards (assuming you have the Pet Pal talent) he'll tell you about what's been going on in the grotto, including that the White Witch (aka the Guardian) was captured by the Immaculates, but that her apprentice Almina might have gotten away. You can also loot a pair of chests in the camp.

8 - Hidden Mound

When you dig up this hidden mound, you'll discover the White Witch's chest, which will prompt the voice from the puddles (#6) to invite you to the lake (#12). The chest will have a couple of random items inside.

9 - Bridge Ambush

If you try to cross this bridge, then five Level 10 Immaculates will jump out and attack you.

10 - Immaculate Ritual Site

At this site you'll encounter six Level 10 Immaculates, including a trio of pyromancers busily trying to burn everything down. You'll find a treasure chest at the back of the site.

11 - Chest and Skillbook

You'll discover an ornate chest out in plain sight here, with a Summon Wolf Skillbook leaning against it. The chest will have some random loot inside. The skillbook's location is one of the "secrets" you can learn from the Teller of Secrets in the Homestead.

12 - Lakeshore

When you reach this spot you'll get attacked by an Immaculate named Vaelanna, her dog Artherius, and four other Immaculates. Vaelanna is a spellcaster, and she'll cheat and summon multiple earth elementals, but otherwise the battle shouldn't be out of the ordinary. Vaelanna has a chance to drop the unique spear Impaler when she dies. She'll also drop Vaelanna's Orders and a Cultist Spell. Those two items plus the conversation you'll have with the voice from the lake after the battle are a part of the quest The Lady in the Lake. Reading the Cultist Spell will convert the lake into a rift to Hiberheim (Exit B).

  1. Mirror of Astarte. Interacting with the mirror will send you to the Cabin of the White Witch in the Luculla Forest.
  2. Rift to Hiberheim. The rift will only appear after you've read the Cultist Spell (#12).