Quest: The Lady in the Lake

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You'll receive this quest when you walk past a puddle in the Witch's Grotto (#1). The grotto can be accessed via a mirror in the Cabin of the White Witch in the Luculla Forest.


Each time you pass a puddle, a voice will cry out against the Immaculates who have been slaughtering the animals of the grotto. The voice will even suggest that you might be able to deal with the problem yourself. Eventually, the voice will ask you to come to the lake.

However, when you reach the lakeshore (#2), you'll get attacked by a group of Immaculates, including the spellcaster Vaelanna (Level 11), her dog Artherius (Level 11), and four other Immaculates (Level 10). Vaelanna can cheat and summon multiple earth elementals, but otherwise she seems to be an ordinary caster, which means it's a good idea to kill her or use a crowd control skill on her right away.

After you've won the battle, the voice from the puddles will speak to you from the lake. You'll learn that the voice belongs to Almina, the White Witch's apprentice, and that the Immaculates somehow converted the lake into a rift, and used it to transport The White Witch to Hiberheim. At the end of this conversation, you'll earn 1650 xp.

When you examine the loot on the ground from your battle with Vaelanna, you should spot a Cultist Spell and Vaelanna's Orders (along with possibly the unique spear Impaler). When you read the spell, the lake will turn into a rift again (Exit A), and you'll be able to use it to follow the White Witch.

In Hiberheim, you'll pass by several Enchanted Sentinels (#3), and they'll speak to you just like the puddles in the Witch's Grotto. With the help of the sentinels, you'll finally reach Almina (#6). She'll ask you to free the White Witch, and she'll warn you that the elements in the region are out of balance. Then Almina will die, but you'll earn 1650 xp for completing the quest.

1 - Puddles

2 - Lakeshore

3 - Enchanted Sentinels

4 - Stone Door

When you stand near the stone door, it should open for you. To keep it open for good, you'll just need to pull the lever on its southern side. However, when you do, six Mecha-Rodents will attack you.

5 - Stone Door

To open this door (#5), you'll need to pull the lever right next to it. However, the lever will start out locked. To unlock it, you can either pick up the Tiny Golden Key from the hidden mound just to the east (#5a), or you can pick the lock if your Lockpicking skill is at least 3. When you pull the lever, two Mecha-Roosters will attack you.

6 - Almina

  1. Rift between the Witch's Grotto and Hiberheim.