Quest: Fun with Fungi

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You'll receive this quest from either of the two giant mushrooms next to the Cabin of the White Witch in the Luculla Forest (#1).


When you ask the mushrooms about the White Witch or the magical barrier surrounding her cabin, they'll challenge you to answer three riddles. The answers to the riddles are "an ear of corn," "a stone," and "a butterfly."

If you get the answers right, then the mushrooms will reveal that the wizard Maradino is interested in the barrier, and that maybe he'd know more about it. The mushrooms will also mention that an imp attempted to answer the riddles recently, and that when he failed, he left muttering about "space-time." That is, Zixzax was at the barrier recently. If you travel to the Homestead and ask him about the barrier, then he'll tell you that you can remove it by destroying the two mushrooms. If you confront the mushrooms with this information, then they'll suddenly become more forthcoming about Maradino, and they'll tell you that they last saw him on a hill between the "sad troll" (#2) and the "grumpy one" (#4). You'll also get a chance to choose between being Blunt (immunity to charm) or Considerate (charisma +1).

If you fail to answer the mushrooms' riddles correctly, then they'll mention Zixzax in this case as well, which will allow you to continue the quest in roughly the same manner as the above.

So you'll have two ways to remove the barrier and complete the quest:
  • You can kill the mushrooms. This is the easiest approach, but there's a slight trick to it. If you hit the mushrooms with elemental damage, then they'll spawn new mushrooms. So you'll need your spellcasters to stay out of the fight, and you'll need your other characters to use weapons without elemental bonuses. You'll earn 1930 xp each for killing the mushrooms, but you won't earn any xp for completing the quest this way. This is essentially a "fail" method.

  • You can search for Maradino. You'll find his hill right where the mushrooms said it would be (#3). However, you'll quickly discover that the path to the top is heavily trapped, including two pressure plate traps that can't be disarmed with toolkits. So send your best thief character slowly and carefully up the hill, avoiding or disarming traps along the way. At the top you'll find three things: a lever that will remove the first pressure plate, a chest with some random loot inside, and a hidden mound containing a Barrier Removal Spell. Picking up the spell will earn you 1650 xp, and when you read it at the cabin, you'll complete the quest and earn 5500 xp.

1 - Cabin of the White Witch

2 - Fumble

3 - Maradino's Hill

4 - Grumble