Quest: Revenge of the Source Hunter

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You'll trigger this quest if you have Madora in your party when you enter the Phantom Forest.


Madora will tell you how she was assigned to Hunter's Edge, a sleepy and peaceful town -- at least until it was raided by orcs, and she was tortured and left for dead, only to be saved by a Blood Stone. Madora will then announce that nothing will stop her from taking her revenge.

Inside Hunter's Edge, when you visit the top floor of the tavern (#1), you'll encounter the torturer Norok the Spinebreaker there. However, from his dialogue, you'll quickly come to understand that he's mentally retarded, and that he thinks he's playing with people rather than torturing them.

Depending on what you've said to Madora during the game, she might attack Norok anyway (and if not, you can always force-attack him yourself). Norok is Level 16 and has over 6000 hp, but he's slow, and so he shouldn't be too tough to defeat. When Norok dies, you'll earn 13,600 xp for completing the battle and 5830 xp for completing the quest.

1 - Tavern