Quest: Investigating the Mines

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You'll receive this quest from Icara in the Homestead at the end of the quest The Witch at Home.


For this quest you'll need to find out what Leandra (aka the Conduit) is up to in the Luculla Mines. When you get to the mines, you'll discover that they're being run by the Immaculates, who are using Death Knights and Enchanted Miners to gather the ore. The first time you spot an Enchanted Miner, you'll trigger the quest Miner Control. Completing that quest (which will free the miners but not the Death Knights), will give you one of the Leandra's passwords: "Sadakandras." Learning the password will earn you 2730 xp.

In order to use the password, you'll have to sneak past the Death Knights. The Death Knights will patrol in regular patterns, and they'll maintain enough of a distance between each other that you should be able to make it through them. If you don't have anybody who can sneak, then you'll need to rely on Invisibility Potions. Eventually you'll pass by a waypoint portal (Exit W) and reach the temple door (#2). Saying "Sadakandras" at the door will get you through and earn you 2730 xp.

Inside the temple, you'll discover the room where Leandra and the Immaculates have been manufacturing Death Knights (#3). When you exit this room, Leandra will show up. She'll raise up three Death Knights to attack you, and then she'll disappear. Since you won't have any way to damage the Death Knights yet, you'll have to flee to the nearest exit -- a Mirror of Astarte (Exit A). Along the way you'll have to move or destroy some debris blocking a doorway, but the Death Knights will be really slow, and so you shouldn't have any trouble keeping ahead of them.

Note: Your encounter with Leandra is a turning point in the mines. Once you've seen her, you won't be able to return to the main part of the mines again -- ever. So make sure you've explored everywhere you want to go first.

Each mirror you visit will offer to take you to two other mirrors in the temple. If you want to see everything, then you should visit the library (Exit B), then the high priest's office (Exit D), then the crypt (Exit C), and finally the entrance hall (Exit E). The high priest's office is particularly important because that's where you'll find Leandra's Lab Notes and Leandra's Spell, which you'll need for defeating Death Knights later in the game. When you eventually get to the entrance hall, you should move through it as quickly as possible because for some reason your characters can spontaneously incinerate there. So run to the temple exit (Exit F) without delay. When your characters make it out of the temple, you'll complete the quest and earn 9100 xp.

1 - Death Knight Patrols

You'll start encountering Death Knights at these locations.

2 - Temple Door

3 - Death Knight Manufacturing

  1. Mirror of Astarte (Death Knight Manufacturing).
  2. Mirror of Astarte (Library).
  3. Mirror of Astarte (Crypt).
  4. Mirror of Astarte (High Priest's Office).
  5. Mirror of Astarte (Entrance Hall).
  6. Mirror of Astarte. This mirror will allow you to exit the temple and return to Luculla Forest South. There isn't any way to reach the "gold within" destination.
  7. Waypoint portal.